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Vote for Project of the Week: Will It Be ‘Stones,’ ‘Drip,’ ‘Havana Motor Club’ or ‘Jane Wants a Boyfriend’?

Vote for Project of the Week: Will It Be 'Stones,' 'Drip,' 'Havana Motor Club' or 'Jane Wants a Boyfriend'?

Vote below for this week’s Project of the Week.

The winning
filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from
SnagFilms and will become a candidate for Project of the Month. That
winner will be awarded with a creative consultation from the fine folks
at the Tribeca Film Institute!

The four projects up for the prize:

“Stones We Throw”


“Havana Motor Club”

“Jane Wants a Boyfriend”

Voting will end Tuesday, April 15 at 10AM Eastern.

One vote per person. First, make sure you have cookies enabled in your
browser.  Votes are confirmed by email.  After voting, please look for
an email from Poll Daddy and confirm your vote.  (If it doesn’t show up
in your inbox, check your spam folder.  The emails often end up there.) 
Indiewire nor PollDaddy use your email address after the confirmation,
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Larry Evans

Alex: It is way past time for your "spoiled brat self" to grow up and get a life!

mau soch

I just voted for havana motor club and i am not a robot.. just a cuba lover… you cannot create an account on facebook easily to vote… i needed to open for my spouse and wanted to vote for a friends photo.. we had to open a new email , and he had to have a number of friends and activity to vote…. not a quick project

Tiffany Carvalho

Reading all these negative comments made me want to vomit. All of you making such hateful, judgmental, sadistic, and disgusting comments really need to learn some respect for creativity, artistry, and FOR EACH OTHER. I'm saddened that you are all probably grown enough to have learned that by now, but still have no sense in knowing how to exercise it. I have never witnessed such immaturity in my life. I'm ashamed that any of your votes and opinions are being considered.

All of these films were made with copious amounts of hard work. Instead of letting jealousy and hatred fuel such awful comments, you should all learn how to appreciate talent and express your thoughts in a much more professional and well-mannered way.

Thank you.


Wow Stephanie, you've certainly got the persecution complex and professional victim (whiner) mindset down. Accused of using vote bots? (Which is pretty much impossible to deny at this point.) Must be sexist bullies. Heckled at a comedy show? Must be because you're a woman, because male comedians never get heckled. You have no sense of personal responsibility, and I find you pathetic.

Oh, and your movie looks god awful. Your trailer made me cringe.


NED….THESE ARE THE FANS OF HAVANA MOTOR CLUB …… YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!! " Laura..Feeling super loved by everyone. Thanks to each and everyone of you, your friends, and your family who have been voting in the past couple of days. We have managed to get 1,250 votes up to now! Win or lose I'm just happy to feel connected to everyone who has been there for me in each part of my life: Colombia, Caracas, Boca, Boston, Paris, New York Means the world to me that you're helping support this project. Missing each one of you like crazy… One more hour to go! "


I guess it just seems a little suspect when a film with only 330 followers on FB is able to rack up 1,540 votes in two days. Who are all these fans, how do they know about your film?


Havana Motor Club has no reason to cheat in the voting process; they have a huge fan base and incredible friends and backers all out there supporting them. An incredibly talented crew of artists. WE LOVE THEM.


Stephanie talented

Tony Lajeune

Stephanie is talented and has a great vision.








Everyone vote for Havana Motor Club! It is a must-see Indie film that supports men in their cars!! Vote and post now!

Kyle Hawk

Everyone vote for Stones We Throw! It is a must-see Indie film that supports women in the arts!! Vote and post now!


Whoever is impersonating the director of Stones We Throw needs to find other activities to entertain themselves with.

"Drip" Fan

Guys, please stop fighting! We all know that "Drip" will win in the end.

Stop with the online harassment

Stop impersonating stephanie wain and going out of your way to bully her. This is unacceptable and is completely immature.

Stephanie Wain

I, Stephanie Wain, officially withdraw from this contest. The stress and hateful words have just been too much. I have complete faith in my film, but I do not want it associated with such a negative attitude.


Things to remember:

1) Online voting contests don't make any sense in deciding what films should move forward.
2) IndieWire is incredibly lax about enforcing and moderating these contests
3) There are no official rules, so things can be changed by IndieWire at any time
4) It's incredibly easy to cheat by making multiple accounts.
5) Online voting contests DON'T MAKE ANY SENSE in deciding what films should move forward.


So WHAT is IndieWire about and its users? Are we measuring film quality and celebrating each other's artistry or another ranting website?? Everyone here deserves an applause for their hard work. I had the pleasure of meeting director of Stones We Throw (Stephanie Wain) at a conference. Not only was she humble about her work, and she, as well as EVERYONE here, goes through the same barriers of the industry.

Honest Molly

Wow, bullying the director of Stones We Throw is exactly the type of crap she talks about in her indiegogo video. Starting with the first comment, "lets' not let her win"…why are we targeting this director? They need the votes of people who believe film should showcase issues of LGBTQA rights, women's rights and mental illness. I was very moved by her video and if you watch it, you will be too. Stop with the defamation. Your bias is obvious and really just a tactic to deter votes. I doubt anyone from these films are associated with any of these comments because they are here for their art.

Anonymous Tipster

So to the organizers of this here's an insider tip. Comments from "Stephen" and "Sean" and "Sarah White" and some others that talk about Havana Motor Club's votes being fraudulent are being made by the director of Stones We Throw trying to get the movie disqualified.

Also, West Coast is the best coast. Shout out to the rest of my peeps at Jane Wants A Boyfriend! Get Eliza to mention this link on facebook/twitter and we'll totally win this thing. Come on!


wow….starting at 1:10am Havana Motor club started at 510 votes. It'll probably hault around 2:00am when they have around 610 votes. where can the rest of them get hackers to support their projects? it really kills the purpose of voting.


I just want everyone to know the team at Jane Wants A Boyfriend is totally happy the other films have such a strong following. Now if only we could get all our fans not to be lazy bums and vote we could make this really interesting!


Oops! I shouldn't have said that last bit about the comment from Alex being associated with Havana Motor Club. I have no way of knowing that at all! Just assumed since they took the lead pretty quickly after that… Sorry if I placed blame somewhere it shouldn't be placed!


I haven't noticed any of the tallies jumping in increments (though I'm not involved with any of these films, so I haven't checked that often). However, I think if someone leaves a (probably untrue) comment about the director of one of the films being some kind of cheater, people will vote for the film which "called out" the cheater. It has quite an unfair effect, given that it's completely not provable and that the voting is supposed to be based on the appeal of each of the films.


Someone should really look into voting – the timing of which Havana Motor Club gets votes is very consistent – it only goes up 100 votes by the hour on selected hours. The problem is the way in which the votes jump so consistently within those hours – almost timed and controlled. Just doesn't seem fair if a group wins because of some savvy hacker.


Why is everyone complaining about winning and losing? I'm looking at both films and this is what I see.

Havana Motor Club is a documentary with almost 1,100 likes on Facebook, and it has raised over $30,000 on Kickstarter. The director/producer posts multiple times a day on their facebook and seems to be very social media saavy.

Stones We Throw is a small student film that has almost 300 likes on Facebook, but they're a strong, vocal group who has a really grassroots approach to getting votes. The director of that film is also social media saavy, and has a video log relaying the details of post-production.

Right now they both have around 500 votes on this poll, which isn't outside of the realm of possibility for either film. It's way more impressive for Stones We Throw, but Havana Motor Club has a bigger reach.

Why is there any problem here? Everybody should stop insulting each other.


Stones We Throw's votes are spiking every hour on the hour. Why isn't anyone paying attention to this?


Is anyone watching Havana Motor Club? Three times today their votes went up by 100 votes in one hour. Seems a little bit fishy…are they monitoring for fraudulent votes? this seems odd.


Steph Wain shows true talent for film making as well as an eye for understanding the human experience through relationships in a funny and honest way. Great film!


All of the nominees look worthy. Good luck to everyone and kudos to all the hard work and ambition that it takes to produce a film.


Good luck to everyone, these all look like great projects!


Stones We Throw is a smart, funny look at life and relationships. Stephanie Wain is a skilled storyteller. You will want to see this film.


I checked out Stones We Throw and it seems like a great film! This is a talented pool of film projects! What a great opportunity for everyone involved.


So you're letting Stones We Throw, a movie made by a girl who cheated in an online voting contest 3 years ago, in an online voting contest?

She beat us then. She's not beating us again.

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