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Watch: 10-Minute Supercut Of The Most Influential VFX Movies

Watch: 10-Minute Supercut Of The Most Influential VFX Movies

The latest in Vimeo’s ever-growing stock of intriguing supercuts is this, from user Roger Serrabassa, which takes a giddy, ten-minute race through some of the most influential and groundbreaking special effects-led movies ever made. Have fun trying to identify everything among the myriad explosions, animal appearances and occasional questionable choices—is “Oz the Great and Powerful” really a defining VFX movie?

The supercut is also heavy on recent releases, which makes sense given how quickly our standards for VFX change—but for an interesting contrast check out the supercut of Oscar-winning special effects we ran a little while ago, which gives some sense of the history of the craft, but lacks the Bill Nighy tentacle-face goodness to be found in this one. You can’t have it all. And one other stop you might want to make is on our feature of 7 Pre-Bullet Time VFX Effects That Blew Our Minds. Watch below.

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that song gets real annoying


It shows how generic many of these movies can be.

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