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Watch: David Cronenberg Is Back With the Trailer for ‘Maps to the Stars’

Watch: David Cronenberg Is Back With the Trailer for 'Maps to the Stars'

A near certainty for Cannes 2014, “Maps to the Stars,” David Cronenberg’s follow up to his
divisive “Cosmopolis” once again teams the director with Robert
Pattinson, this time alongside a dreamy ensemble including Julianne
Moore, Mia Wasikowska, John Cusack, Olivia Williams and Carrie Fisher (as herself!).

Said to be a “vicious look at a twisted Hollywood dynasty” and a
takedown of the industry altogether, “Maps” sure looks juicy. It’s
already been rated by the MPAA with an “R,” which is clearly no
surprise given Cronenberg’s history.

Watch the first trailer below:

UPDATE: Here’s a new NSFW trailer

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Love Julianne's character, she's so deliciously self-absorbed. Can't wait to see what Cronenberg's done with this dysfunctional Hollywood group of misfits. Stellar cast, crisp dialog, moody characters, volatile situations, scenic LA backgrounds, I'm sooooo looking forward to this!


This trailer looks like it's got a lot more dark humor in it. Can't wait to see it. Cronenberg in dark, psycho mode here.


This looks provocative and pure Cronenberg. Can't wait to see it.


Cronenberg unnerving us again – wonderful. Excellent ensemble cast. Love love John Cusack and Juliqnne Moore and Rob Patz looks like he's here for the long haul. Really nice guy apparently loved him in Cosmopolis. This scene with Julianne looks WOW


Do Kristen Stewarts bitter fans think posting their vitriol on EVERY site that posts this trailer, will make any difference to the success of the movie? Grow up.


What is this mess? It made me feel so uncomfortable and it looks like it's all over the place too, geez…


This doesn't look good at all, who funds this?


David Cronenberg is over underrated.


I wish he or someone else would do one on the Washington media elite during "nerd prom."


…damn it


This looks really good, and strange. Of course, all of Cronenberg's movies are strange but also
strangely fascinating. Can't wait to see it, if it comes to my city-hope I don't have to wait for the dvd to come out.


….is this real? this isn't a Funny Or Die sketch?


Please, let this be good. "Cosmopolis" sucked ass.


Bad choice of hipster-indie pop music. But there's gobs of Mia in this trailer and that's all that matters.


Can't wait to see the movie !!


I will pass


What a mess.

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