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Watch: Fear Will Consume You in First Trailer for Eli Roth’s Cannibal Horror ‘The Green Inferno’

Watch: Fear Will Consume You in First Trailer for Eli Roth's Cannibal Horror 'The Green Inferno'

It might be hard to believe, but it’s been a whopping seven years since Eli Roth’s last feature-length effort, “Hostel: Part II.” He’s finally back in theaters this September with another horror project, “The Green Inferno,” and if the just-released trailer is anything to go by, he hasn’t lost his passion to shock audiences.

Shot in Peru and Chile, co-written by Roth and Guillermo Amoedo, follows a group of New York
City students traveling to Peru with means to stage a protest only to
end up in the hands of a tribe of cannibals.

“The Green Inferno” opens on September 5th. Watch below.

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Come Bus Us

Looks good – and is definitely discomforting, though I am more horrified by the fact that the trailer even proudly markets the fact that indigenous people who have not been filmed before partook in something they surely could have no clear understanding of, if they are truely as isolated as implied. This is colonial, explotative snuff at its best – luckily, there is a movie filmed "on location" , with indigenous people that thematises this very issue, it's called "Even the Rain". Highly recommended to Mr Nigel M Smith and everyone who hates on this comment.

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