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Watch First Episode of Docu-Reality Series ‘Africa in the City’ About “Real Africans, Real Stories”

Watch First Episode of Docu-Reality Series 'Africa in the City' About "Real Africans, Real Stories"

Check out the new web series titled Africa in the City, focusing on “real Africans, real stories,” is described as a Docu-reality series chronicling the lifestyle of the global African Diaspora community and highlighting issues that arise within today’s society.”

The series, directed by Sammie Amachree and starring Tracy Thompson, has released its first episode titled Back To My Roots.

Here’s more about the series:

Tracy has always had a strong attraction to African culture. On this episode of “Africa In The City” she sets out to discover her African ancestry and is surprised at the results.
Using New York City’s Harlem neighborhood as a backdrop, Tracy’s journey begins by questioning local Harlem residents on the advances of the black race. 
She comes across an argument between the Black Israelites (African American Jews) and Harlem residents during a street rally in Central Harlem and wonders where this argument really stems from and what difference would it make if many African Americans knew their true identity. 
Follow the series on twitter @AfricaInTheCity; subscribe on youtube: SaharaTV, and on Facebook.

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Patricia Heath

Excellent. She starts off all sweet and general talking about the makeup of New York City and roots, but shows very clearly how much division there is about black identity. You hear from Africans, Malcolm X and the Israelites and that's just the first 5 minutes.

This is going to be good!


I have a BIG problem with this docu-series. Our history in this country is not just slavery, civil rights and Barack Obama. Talk about misinformed. How about adding our vast contributions into the mix instead of presenting us in the first few minutes as solely victims. Sorry but it's what we don't usually hear about African Americans that needs to be discussed. Jeesh. Unless the writers can add some depth to this conversation and they get a new host/narrator, I won't be watching. Call me disappointed.


Let us know when her DNA test results come back.


Aaaaaaand . . . how are you going to say "let's go back to the days of Malcolm X"? What days are those? Don't you mean "Let's go back tot he days of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad"? Brother Malcolm learned all that he spoke about about from out of thin air? Girl, bye. Your history is distorted. Sammie and Tracy, shame on you.


I tried to watch this, but between the host asking dumb-assed questions like, "Have black people made it?", to the first interviewee saying that "we" haven't "made it" because "we don't own anything," I was ready to strangle both of them.

First of all, what exactly is "making it"? Is "making it" being elected president of The United States of America? Or does making mean being a wealthy business-person? How about the fact that whites in this country can't openly and conspicuously mistreat blacks in this country the way they used to? I'll take that last one, because everybody can't be rich and powerful in this world, but we can strive to be respected and treated as human beings.

Stop worrying about "making it", and focus on treating your fellow man better. Because a lot of the ills of this world perpetrated against us by other folks, we now do to ourselves. And if that continues, we haven't "made" shit.

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