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Watch: Robert De Niro Stars In His First Vine Video

Watch: Robert De Niro Stars In His First Vine Video

If you didn’t know any better, you might assume Robert De Niro had a sponsorship deal with Vine, the Twitter-owned video app — something like Ellen DeGeneres’ Samsung deal at the Emmy’s (maybe to promote Tribeca Film Festival’s #6secfilms competition?). Otherwise, there’s no real reason for De Niro’s first Vine video, which is less of a film and more of a piece of candid camera — except it appears De Niro turned the camera on himself.

In the video, De Niro looks blankly into the camera and asks “What happened to my iPhone?” and then a young man appears behind him and asks, “Robert what are you doing with my Vine?”

It’s clear from the six-second clip, which was uploaded by Vine “star” Jerome Jarre, that De Niro doesn’t understand the power of social media, so I’m guessing he had no idea that this video of him fiddling around with new technology would go viral.

Jarre describes the clip as “Robert De Niro’s first six second film.” That’s a stretch.

Let’s hope this short introduction has taught the Oscar-winning actor a thing or two about Vine filmmaking — and that maybe he’ll pursue creating a real Vine video. How far away are we from a world where agents make deals for A-list actors to appear in Vine videos?

Check out the video clip below:

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Anybody know of a country where they dont have social media? Because that's where I'm moving.


This video looks a lot like most Vine videos. While there are some people who are clever with the format, most are not. Your use of the phrase "Vine filmmaking" leads me to believe that you are taking everything way too seriously. Enjoy life more.


Jerome Jarre is Vine celebrity, not just some random guy. If you'd watched any of his Vines you'd know this is sort of thing he does. Robert De Niro is clearly in on the joke, and it's just a bit of fun.


You guys made a whole lot out of nothing.

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