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Watch: Tom Hiddleston on the Art of Villainy in New Jaguar Ad

Watch: Tom Hiddleston on the Art of Villainy in New Jaguar Ad

A few months ago, an excellent, drolly funny Jaguar Super Bowl advertisement posited that “in Hollywood movies, all the villains are played by Brits.” Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong and Tom Hiddleston talked about how their precision, focus, stiff upper lips and, of course, the Jaguars they drove made them ideal for sinister roles. It was a fun ad, and now Jaguar’s capitalized on its popularity with a follow-up featuring Hiddleston.

Entering listening to a recording of one of Shakespeare’s greatest villains, Richard II, Hiddleston expounds on what makes a great villain with maximum eloquence and venomous glee: staying one step ahead, wearing a suit that’s “razor-sharp, like your wit,” and more. Hiddleston even gets to tackle the “Richard II” monologue the ad opens with. Kudos to a fantastic ad campaign, with bonus points for avoiding the go-to Shakespeare villains (Iago, Richard III). Here’s to hoping the next one features Strong or Kingsley reciting “Coriolanus.”

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To be honest, I think Coriolanus is way too ambiguous to be a perfect villain. There are some others to chose from…

… like Macbeth. Played by one of the best movie villains – Sean Bean. In an Indie film. Check out "Enemy of Man" on Kickstarter!!


Be still my beating vagina.

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