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Watch: Trailer For ‘American Blogger’ Is The Documentary About Blogging & America You’ve Been Waiting For

Watch: Trailer For 'American Blogger' Is The Documentary About Blogging & America You've Been Waiting For

Guys, we don’t know if you’ve heard, but there is this new phenomenon sweeping the web called “blogging.” We thought it might be a new fitness trend like hot yoga, or perhaps some sort of electric vehicle that doesn’t require fossil fuel, but thankfully, filmmaker Christopher Wiegand has cleared all of this up. “I was really more interested to dig deeper into all this blogging/instagram/twittter world and one, help people understand how cool it is to have an area on the internet that is all yours,” he writes on the film’s website.

So, he restored an Airstream and hit the road, traveling across the country to make “American Blogger,” that the (hugely irritating narrator) tells us will “change the way we see an industry” with the film told against “the backdrop of the great American landscape.” Okay, then bring on the diverse set of bloggers….oh wait, it’s all women….and the movie isn’t about America really either. And it’s not particularly because Wiegand wanted to make a documentary about women who blog (which would be worthy of a movie), but because….we’ll let him explain in this statement: 

The name “American Blogger” came not because I am representing all of America but because I am traveling America ( 40 states)  in my airstream and telling the story of the Blogger. This film is not supposed to be, nor is it, representing bloggers or America as a whole by any means. These are the women that said yes to my request, they knew my wife and trusted that I would tell this story in a positive way. 

Well, that was….awkward. So, this is really “American Bloggers Who Are E-Friends With My Wife“? Guess so. This thing hits iTunes in June if you’re really curious, though this trailer may be more than enough.

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I think it is great that he put something out there and is following his dream. Trolls on the internet are such jerks.


I'm having a difficult time understanding how the vast majority of comments about this film are helpful. I've never seen an instance where publicly and viciously chastising someone helped improve their work. And if the whole point is not to help them improve, then why be unkind just for the sake of it?

Duder NME

1:48… ooo, a black chick! I saw one I saw one I saw one! DIVERSITY.


The "Documentary About Blogging & America I've Been Waiting For"?



Twenty three seconds in and I had to nope.


what already exists movie

Edwina Moss

"White" American Blogger.

Six Brown Chicks

We are excited to see this film, as blogging has changed our lives. We most definitely would like to see a look into the lives of more female bloggers of color. We've got stories. Great stuff!


I have to say, for a film that is about the "diversity of blogging" it is pretty darn white. The blogging community is super interesting and populated by scientists, artists, filmmakers, weird obscure culture preservers, and this dude travels America to find bored white women? Let's hope the next films in the series do actually show off that diversity, but this is a strange way to lead…

Ritchie Blogfried Pettauer

This trailer changed my view of the industry. Of the making-docus-about-American-bloggers-industry.


The VoiceOver is laughable and annoying. Why would anyone want to watch a documentary about women who blog?


A minute of googling led me to his website, which might be the douchiest I've ever seen. Yikes! And he follows a lot of hateful people… Sadly, those of us smart enough to see through his self-important agenda are probably going to end up bringing more attention to his project. :/


all white women. voiceover is so bad. those time lapse and landscape scenes are completely irrelevant. this is pretty bad.


@JFeitelberg: The movie you made should be called “Bored Chicks With Rich Husbands Who Post About Their Kids And Their Site Is Read By 10 Friends.”


Holy sh*t, is this for real? This is one of the dumbest things I've seen in quite a while.


This is a comedy right?


Its a crypto christian inspirational film. Barf! Five minites of research leads to this conclusion.


Oh, dear, no. It's a CBS Sunday Morning segment minus anyone interesting.


It's always been my dream to have my Mom by me an airstream and fund a cross country trip to hang out and interview middle aged woman who blog.



Unknown director making himself a character. The road trip premise. The music. The vapid interviews. Please somebody call my physician. Dr. Wolksdjhfnksbbbbbb


That's 'The Room' of movie trailers.

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