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Watch: Vintage ‘Siskel & Ebert’ Special On The Magic Of Steven Spielberg

Watch: Vintage 'Siskel & Ebert' Special On The Magic Of Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg—who has plenty of filmmaking years left in him—already has a number of honors he’ll be remembered for. Of course there’s the two Best Director Oscars he’s already got on his fireplace mantle, the distinction of being the man who created the summer blockbuster thanks to “Jaws,” and simply being one of the best storytellers the medium has ever seen. And it says something about his work that already in 1984, critics were already looking back on his body of work.

With “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” headed to theatres, “Siskel & Ebert” decided to carve out an entire episode dedicated to the oeuvre of Spielberg, and as always, it’s a great watch. The pair go deep, delving into Spielberg’s TV work, technique, craftsmanship and more. And no one does it more passionately than these two, with Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert taking a moment away from the usual bickering to get on the same page and celebrate the filmmaker.

It’s definitely worth a watch even if Spielberg’s career has headed to so many more places, so take some time and click below (it takes a few moments to start). [via Larry Wright]

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Larry Koehn

I do not appreciate Kevin Jagernauth and Indie lifting this video from our website and not asking us if you can use it. We do have special permission from Tribune to show these shows. The person who obtained this copy that we are using got this particular show from the Library of Congress which is why it has all the promo material in front before the main show. Again, has obtained rights to show this show about Spielberg. Credit is where credit is do and do ask us the next time. Very lazy Kevin!!!

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