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Alejandro Jodorowsky: “Hollywood Pictures, Industrial Pictures Are The End Of Movies. They Will Kill Cinema.”

Alejandro Jodorowsky: “Hollywood Pictures, Industrial Pictures Are The End Of Movies. They Will Kill Cinema."

While the cinematic world is currently rubbing elbows at the Cannes Film Festival, which strives to continue to nourish and develop the cinematic artform, Alejandro Jodorowsky is ready—like many others before him—to start ringing the death knell of the medium. He’s pointing the finger directly at the culprit, and who he singles out probably won’t surprise you.

Chatting with Flavorwire, the director laid into the money-driven filmmaking at a studio level. “Hollywood pictures, industrial pictures are the end of movies. They will kill cinema. Pretty soon we will no longer have movies. We will have television series only,” he warns. And that’s not all.

“Industrial pictures are not art. They are necessary sometimes, like a cigarette. But they kill you,” he continued. “One picture every day for six months, that’s OK. But one picture every day, that will make you an idiot.”

Or course, Jodorowsky has never been a fan of the establishment. The closest the “El Topo” and “Holy Mountain” director has come was with his attempt to make “Dune,” an undertaking so potentially monumental and awesome, it probably wouldn’t have survived the studio process anyway. (You can learn more about that in the excellent documentary “Jodorowsky’s Dune“—review here.) And if you think Jodorowsky is lobbing truth bombs without his own work to back him up, the filmmaker’s distinctive “Dance Of Reality” opens this week too (review here).

So, is Jodorowsky spot on? Or does he need to chill and maybe watch “Game Of Thrones“? Let us know below.

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It's easy to blame all your problems on someone you don't like and it usually comes off as a bit petulant. In this case, I think Jodorowsky is not only petulant in his claims but extremely short sighted, perhaps to a level of ignorance. Big studios are not destroying cinema. Much like 'change' in any other industry, the establishment always has a difficult time evolving and making the transition. And Jodorowsky is no different, having difficulty watching as the 'cinema' industry is evolving and responding to broadband internet access. The door has finally opened for direct to the home content delivery. Our 21" tube televisions have evolved into 60" wall mounted high definition displays. I love a great independent film as much as a big studio popcorn flics and I really enjoy both from the comfort of my own couch. Big studios have not ruined my taste for artistic cinema or great stories on a slim budget. In fact, I tend to seek those out. But it seems the makers of such 'artistic' cinema are so entrenched in tradition, they risk becoming their own victims.


i think The Rainbow Thief, while only directed by him, was an attempt to establish himself as a mainstream-ish filmmaker. i mean Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif are in the film.

lobbing truthbombs? chill out and watch game of thrones? ouch. that's FOXNEWS-level copy.


Dear Mr. Artsy Fartsy,
You're just jealous because some people make films that lots of normal people like and you can only make weird crap for people who read film theory…lol


Dear Mr. Alejandro Jodorowsky, let me introduce you to the past tense. Hollywood/Industrial (manufactured, cookie-cutter) movies already killed cinema more than a few times at this point. Funny thing is, many writers, directors, actors and craftspeople still believe in what they are doing, and occasionally churn out something that could honestly be called art. Sometimes, in a good year, we even get a bumper crop of art at the movies. Go figure.

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