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Attention ‘True Blood’ Fans: Time to Get Ready for the Final Season

Attention 'True Blood' Fans: Time to Get Ready for the Final Season

We’ve come this far, and now it’s time to see how it all ends. HBO announced the final season of “True Blood” will premiere Sunday, June 22nd at 9pm and released a new teaser poster to satisfy your appetites (see below).

There’s much to be said about what could happen in the new and final season (SPOILERS ahead). Leaving off season six with Eric’s fate hanging in the air, a town full of hepatitis-V infected Vamps, and Sookie being saved from the hands of Warlow, questions remain about what will come of our beloved Bon Temps.

The season kicks off with episode #71, “Jesus Gunna Be Here,” directed by the show’s own Stephen Moyer and written by Angela Robinson. Bon Temps’ finest take up refuge in the town’s newly renamed diner, Bellefleur’s, from a host of infected Vamps, while Sookie dodges accusations of being to blame for the chaos. 

The episode will explore the new ‘one vamp for every human’ rule initiated last season to assuage human fatalities.

We’ll get to reconnect with all our favorites — Bill, Tara, Lafayette, and Eric. And if that’s not enough, the second episode set to air Sunday, June 29th, will focus on Sookie and Jason as they travel to the nearby town of Saint Alice to look for answers, while a possible liberator from the H-vamps emerges. 

Be ready for the new season and catch up on older episodes by checking out “True Blood: The Complete Sixth Season” out on Blu-ray and HD June 3rd. Check out the poster below.

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FRONTIERS Magazine by Nathaniel Grey: True Blood writer/producer Angela Robinson is spreading her wings in the world of independent film. Her latest project GirlTrash: All Not Long is available today via on on demand video view services. The film is an extremely rare jewel in the history of LGBT films as it’s being described as a lesbian musical comedy. Yes, you read that right. The story follows five girls over one night of passion, romance, wasted college girls, rock and roll and girl-fights. The cast includes Californication’s Michelle Lombardo, Exes & Ohs' Megan Cavanagh and One Tree Hill’s Kate French.


I love true blood but the originals is wayyyyy better.. maybe the cw will pick up true blood for season 8… how amazing would that be my niga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Didn't they announce this well over a month ago? They've been running add with the date for a few weeks now.

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