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Be Patient, Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Inherent Vice’ Won’t Go Into Wide Release Until 2015

Be Patient, Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Inherent Vice' Won't Go Into Wide Release Until 2015

A film we’re already touting as a possible Best Picture nominee, Paul Thomas Anderson continues to keep the veil tightly closed on his forthcoming “Inherent Vice.” We do know that the movie is deep in post-production, with Jonny Greenwood having already completed recording his score, but we reckon just as he did with “The Master,” PTA is taking his time, showing the film to close friends and colleagues and making sure everything is just the way he wants before he shows it off to the world. And while a December 12th release is already slated, unless you’re in the lucky places that get that limited release opening, you’ll be waiting until 2015 to see this one.

Box Office Mojo reveals that Warner Bros. won’t put “Inherent Vice” into nationwide expansion until January 9, 2015 where it will be up against “Taken 3” and the comedy “Kitchen Sink.” The news isn’t a huge shock and follows a familiar playbook for the studio. That’s pretty much how they rolled out Spike Jonze‘s “Her,” hoping that word of mouth for the quirky project would build (it didn’t really, but they would’ve been burned if they went wide on 2,000 screens on the first weekend). And this is a familiar pattern for PTA too, with only “Magnolia” opening in wide release (and it should be noted that “The Master” never even cracked 900 screens). 

So don’t be too bummed out, it’s par for the course. But hopefully, PTA doesn’t keep “Inherent Vice” close to the chest too long and we get to see this somewhere on the fall festival circuit.

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Aristo Vopenka

As a upcoming filmdirector and currently on the film academy, I must say, this man is legendary! Just his way around film, making it complete from A to Z..

Don't want to rush his kind of cinema, at least this is gonna be something to look forward instead of that garbage called Thor and Captain America ( No offence ).

Wondering though how much of the master will keep sticking to Joaquin, hopefully he pulls of yet another master piece of acting!

Can't wait for PTA to release this beauty of a film..


So January 05, 2015 in the US, that means two months later in my country. I hope it wins best adapted screenplay at the Oscars. Looking forward to it.


Magnolia did not open in wide release. It was in New York and LA on 12/17/99 and opened nationwide on 01/07/00.


No big shock, I mean most platform releases do that. Now if it meant we had to wait til Dec 2015 then we'd have some problems.

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