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Cannes 2014 News – Anthony Mackie To Play Jimi Hendrix In ‘Jimi’ Project w/ Thandie Newton

Cannes 2014 News – Anthony Mackie To Play Jimi Hendrix In 'Jimi' Project w/ Thandie Newton

Move over Andre Benjamin. You’re not the only
game in town anymore. It was announced at the Cannes Film Festival that Anthony
will portray rock legend Jimi
in the film Jimi, based on a screenplay by British screenwriter and director Ol
who will also direct the project.

The film, which
has been in development for years, with Mackie always attached as Hendrix under its original title Crosstown Traffic, was originally set to be directed by Paul Greengrass (Captain Phillips, The Bourne Supremacy,
The Bourne Ultimatum, The Green Zone

However the
project fell apart four years ago when Hendrix’s estate objected to how the
famed guitarist was portrayed in the script, which deals with the last nine
days of his life. The situation has evidently now been resolved, and the project is set to start shooting soon.

Co-starring in
the film will be Thandie Newton, who is
also Parker’s real life wife. And talks are currently underway to get Noomi Rapace to play Hendrix’s former Swedish
actress girlfriend Kathy Etchingham.

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Where's Wood Harris..?

Austin Hendrix

This is not true.

Miles Ellison

Another bad Hendrix movie. Yay. I'm not holding my breath expecting anyone to actually make a good Hendrix movie.


This dude has a GREAT agent! He is an average actor, at best, and yet he is constantly sought after for quality projects.


I applaud Mackie's ability, or his agent's ability, to get big projects but as an ACTOR, he has the charisma of a dead fish floating in a pond. There is nothing about his acting that wows me. Never has. Just bland…screws his face and PLAYS mad.

This is not to say I don't want him to be successful, just his acting is lukewarm at best.


I've tried to get into him and I'm not able.



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