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Cannes Deals: Wild Bunch Is Mel Gibson’s ‘Blood Father’

Cannes Deals: Wild Bunch Is Mel Gibson's 'Blood Father'

Can Mel come back? Maybe overseas if not domestic.

Vincent Miraval’s French sales and production company Wild Bunch has added “Blood Father,” starring tarnished one-time A-lister Mel Gibson, to its Cannes market slate of titles to shop. Per Variety, distributors have “been salivating” at the possibility that the film could land in the market.

The title is reportedly in the “Taken” vein of action films, a  top seller at festivals over the past couple years. It follows Gibson as an ex-con who becomes re-connected with his estranged daughter (Erin Moriarty of “True Detective”) when she is gravely threatened by drug mobsters. It’s set to film in New Mexico in May, with Jean-Francois Richet directing from a script by novelist Peter Craig (who also adapted Ben Affleck’s “The Town”).

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Did anyone get hurt by Mel? I think the only person he has hurt is himself with this endless public humiliation. So all you whiners and complainers need to get over it. You're not courageous or righteous for continuously shitting all over the man. I hope he continues to act in more movies and I hope he hits the directors chair again real soon.


only way this movie works with mel is if all the drug lords are black and the politicians jews and the prisoners and gangs are mexican. otherwise mel's just wasting his time AND mine.

also, there has to be a scene where a democrat gets his a** kicked by nuns. and then kelsey grammer and tim leary do cameos as prez and veep. THEN i'm in.



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