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Cate Blanchett Joins Brad Pitt To Narrate Terrence Malick’s ‘Voyage Of Time’

Cate Blanchett Joins Brad Pitt To Narrate Terrence Malick's 'Voyage Of Time'

We’ve known for quite some time that Brad Pitt would be narrating Malick’s long-delayed universe-spanning documentary “Voyage Of Time,” and while it was also revealed that Emma Thompson had done some work on the film as well, it appears that she’s the latest causalty to Malick’s freewheeling ways. 

Screen Daily reports that the voiceover in the documentary will include – at least in its current state – only Pitt and Cate Blanchett narrating, with no mention of Thompson. This is the latest update from the movie that is at Cannes this week, where the first images will be shown off to buyers. What we know is that a 2016 release date is now the goal, with two versions being prepped — a 40-minute IMAX cut and a theatrical cut — with Malick’s decades-in-the-works documentary set to chronicle the universe, life, death and everything else in between.
Does Blanchett’s participation here mean she’s survived the editing process on “Knight of Cups”? Who knows, we can only wait and see. But whatever happened, it’s clear she enjoyed working with Malick and is set to collaborate with him again.

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Emma Thompson was removed probably because Sovereign Films and Andreas Roald (the plaintiffs of the former lawsuit) are probably not anymore linked to Voyage of Time (with Wild Bunch and Sophisticated providing money to reacquire the rights of the film in order to assign those rights to them, as planned in the settlement).
She was pushed probably by Sovereign Films in the project, as Sovereign Films is also producing her film Effie, long-delayed by production problems and lawsuits (a situation that may explain why Sovereign Films was in a hurry to get some money back from Malick by a lawsuit)


Thought Blanchett was only in the untitled Austin music scene one? Then again with the way Malick edits she could end up in "Knight Of Cups" too.


Are Knight of cups and the untitled project searching for distributors in Cannes?

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