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Drew Goddard Exits Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ Series For Netflix, ‘Spartacus’ Showrunner Takes Over

Drew Goddard Exits Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ Series For Netflix, 'Spartacus' Showrunner Takes Over

What the hell is going on over at the house of Marvel? Well, after the exit of Edgar Wright on “Ant-Man” it surely doesn’t sound very good. Over at another Marvel property, this time destined for television on Netflix, Drew Goddard has reportedly left the super hero project “Daredevil.”

The director of the 2012 dark comedy horror-thriller, “The Cabin in the Woods,” written by Marvel’s “Avengers” director Joss Whedon, Goddard was scheduled to write the series for Netflix, said to be like a long-form movie taking place over 13 episodes. More importantly he would also serve as Showrunner and Executive Producer on the project.

Latino-Review is reporting the news, but gives no further details as to why. More info as it becomes available. Wright left “Ant-Man” on Friday, reportedly over a homogenized version of the script he originally co-wrote with Joe Cornish, another director replacement apparently waits in the wings suggesting Marvel knew Wright would disapprove of their doctored version.

Updated: THR and Marvel confirm Latino Review’s report and adds that “Spartacus” showrunner Steven S. DeKnight (a “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” alum who worked with Whedon and Goddard in the past) will take over. No reason is really given though most trades suggest that Goddard has his hands full with preparing to direct (and write) Sony’s “Sinister Six” project. Deadline says Goddard wrote the first two episodes and will remain on as an exec producer. Still, one can’t help but wonder, given all the news of late, if Marvel’s done with auteurs and would rather work with those willing to execute their larger plans.

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Emperor Zerg Rush

DeKnight can do just as good a job as Goddard. Spartacus was entertaining television, plagued by unfortunate circumstance surrounding its original lead, and DeKnight has enough television experience behind him (Smallville, Dollhouse, Angel, etc.) that this small screen endeavor to try and bring a Daredevil people might enjoy for a change rather than go "Ben Affleck with highlights in his hair?" could work out.


I'm disappointed by this, by Drew Goddard is not an auteur.


This has me pumped. Spartacus is one of the most underrated shows of this TV era. This news actually makes even more pumped for Daredevil.


Oh hooray. Heaven forbid Marvel release anything outside The Avengers that displays the slightest sign of original flair or vision of any sort. Bland, formulaic, and totally devoid of directorial signature, that's what I want.


They just ran some studies, did some charts and graphs, calculated they can start giving half as much shit about the quality of things at no cost in profits because nothing stops the nerd train


Why? Because he's directing Sinister Six. That's why.


That blows. Goddard is extremely passionate about the character. Consultant means squat. It's going to be a completely different show now.

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