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First Look: Ben Affleck In Costume As Batman From ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

First Look: Ben Affleck In Costume As Batman From 'Batman Vs. Superman'

Yesterday, director Zack Snyder teased a first look at the new Batmobile, and today he gave fans something even better. Here’s your first look at Ben Affleck as Batman in “Batman Vs. Superman.” 

It’s a canny move on behalf of Warner Bros. to beat the set picture paparazzi by unveiling their new post-Christian Bale Batman before nerds freak out over set pictures taken out of context from blocks and blocks away. And frankly, it doesn’t seem too far removed from Christopher Nolan‘s approach. The Batmobile looks military grade and Bruce Wayne looks broody, though the suit seems to have received a different treatment—something a bit more textured and with a giant-ass logo on it. Frankly, it’s a nice tease and not much to complain about here, but we’re sure super dorks will find something to cause them consternation.

Thoughts? Let us know below. “Batman Vs. Superman” arrives on May 6, 2016.

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Ben Affleck is fine. Leave him be. This film will be directed by Zack Snyder, and THATS the problem


It looks pretty cool, just keep an open mind people and just hope for the best 😉

mel looks OK….BUT…ben affleck is not batman and never will be..any one notice spiderman 2 release? did not get near as much box office action in first weekend release as captin america 2 did..and was pulverized in second weekend by an obscure comedy staring seth rogen annd zac effron…because although andrew garfield is a superb actor ..he is NOT spiderman…..thats what will happen with this movie….


To all the people thinking the face in the smoke is jokers. It actually the rim and tire of the batmobile

Lou Gualario

It makes sense in the Bale movies Batman was moving towards a more mobile action friendly suit ,I'm sure they will say this is a Lighter Kevilar Material. The new Batmoblie looks like an evolution of the Tumbler ,Still Armored,but probably more tech


they release a first look of new batman, on my birthday haha. His acting better not suck, I hope this batman will be more of a badass than christian bales batman I mean guys this is just the costume and car after all, we have yet to see batflecks acting..


Freaking love it they shortened batmans ears but with afflecks size it will make for a more menacing profile by far and the batmobile while keeping the key military aspects with made the tumbler so iconic also incorporates a very burton esc visage love it was worried at first but am keeping an open mind now thank you zack Snyder


The suit clearly draws inspiration from the Dark Knight Returns guys




I wonder if Affleck bulked up for this role. He was pretty ripped in The Town, but he could probably get even bigger if he tried. Especially considering he's over 6'3. Tallest Batman yet!

Emperor Zerg Rush

Chest emblem modeled around the size of the one featured in The Dark Knight Returns.

I… don't have a valid opinion about this. Or at least one that makes any sense right now. That shot makes the Batmobile look like a spacecraft. If the wheel weren't there at the bottom right, I'd be wondering if it was some strange pod that chauffeured Superman around after Batman slipped him a Kryptonite roofie or something.


Is that supposed to be an armour or his muscles? Is that a stupid question?

Doesn't look bad though.


The real test will be seeing him in motion, especially when he speaks. Will he do the growl like Christian Bale? He looks badass though.


Costume draws heavy inspiration from "Batman Arkham Knight", the game sparing the smaller ears.
Smaller ears shows a costume transition from Daredevil to Batman. :D


How can a human being manage to put on that suit without some kind of help? Is that a sort of Vanom/alien technology?


Anyone notice behind batman there's this impressionistic looking face in the reflection/smoke? Looks like the Joker.. i'm not a fanboy conspiracy theorist, just wondered


I like it. Very Year One, which I prefer to the overly techy versions they tend to use in films.

The film, however, is likely to be awful with Snyder at the helm.


the image is black n white. But they may have gone with the grey n black colour scheme. Shorter ears i see. Back the the more sporty looking batmobile, from the more humvee-esque one of the dark knight trilogy.


Tha shit is Batman so sad about?


Batman veins are the new Batman nips.


dark knight returns influence on both the suit and batmobile. sadly, probably the closest we'll ever get to a live-action adaptation.


I'm a Snyder hater, but that suit looks amazing.

That Kid

Looks like the "Arkham" games

Adam Scott Thompson

So far, so good…


awesome. something completely different and yet just like DKR. I'm sold, even more than I was.

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