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James Franco Says ‘Spring Breakers 2’ Happening Without Harmony Korine’s Consent

James Franco Says 'Spring Breakers 2' Happening Without Harmony Korine's Consent

Last week came the news that “Spring Breakers: The Second Coming” was in development and headed to the Cannes marketplace to drum up financing, and it set off the alarms of fans of Harmony Korine‘s bonkers, neon soaked original. Firstly, he wasn’t involved, nor was the cast, and instead, Jonas Akerlund has been tapped to direct with Irvine Welsh penning the script about hot young things fighting taking on militant Christians. While there hasn’t been any feedback yet from Korine himself on these developments, James Franco has commented in the most James Franco way possible.

Taking a break from a constant stream of barely dressed selfies, Franco took to Instagram in character as Alien and dropped this weird little video with the caption: “ALIEN IN REHAB! And BTW F*** that SBers 2 BS, they’re doing it without HARMONY’s CONSENT. Sounds LAME AS A MUTHA!”

You can see the oddball video below, and while producers Wild Bunch don’t need Korine’s consent, it would be nice if they reached out to him or got his blessing or something. But they appear to be confident that girls in bikinis doing bad things is enough to sell a movie on its own. Maybe they should see what happened with those “Showgirls” sequels.

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This is so ridiculous. I'm going to sneak into the movies (one less ticket) I'm going to record the whole film and put it on the internet so people can get it for free. How are they gonna remake Spring Breakers?! AND HOW THE HELL ARE THEY GONNA DO IT WITHOUT HARMONY KORINE?! I hate Hollywood.

Lets Get Real pod

Wait, Spring Breakers was predicated on having wholesome Child stars playing against type as vixens and badasses. Moreover, it was an extreme version as it was helmed by L'enfant terrible Harmony Korine. Its a corruption of the built-in demographic. Without this crucial element, doesn't it lose its whole point.


The first 'Showgirls' did $20 mil back in '95…Korine 'Spring Breakers' only did $14 mil…looks like the producers want to make money next time

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