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James Franco Says ‘Spring Breakers’ Sequel Will Be “A Terrible Film” That Makes “Money Off Someone Else’s Creativity”

James Franco Says 'Spring Breakers' Sequel Will Be "A Terrible Film" That Makes "Money Off Someone Else’s Creativity"

James Franco isn’t finished yet voicing his displeasure at the recently announced “Spring Breakers: The Second Coming“—one being made without the involvement of Harmony Korine or the original cast (instead Jonas Akerlund will direct with Irvine Welsh penning the script). Earlier this week, Franco hit social media to announce that the project is moving ahead without Korine’s consent. And once again, the actor has hit the web to level more charges against the producers of the sequel, and he doesn’t hold back.

On Instagram, wearing an Iggy Pop t-shirt, toque and sunglasses because Franco, the actor released a full statement, and his feelings are certainly unequivocal. Read on below: 

STATEMENT ABOUT SPRING BREAKERS 2: This is not being done with Harmony Korine or my consent. The original was wholly Harmony’s creation and these producers are capitalizing on that innovative film to make money on a weak sequel. I want everyone to know that whoever is involved in the sequel is jumping on board a poison ship. It will be a terrible film, with a horrible reason d’être: to make money off someone else’s creativity. Can you imagine someone making the sequel to “Taxi Driver” without Scorcese and DeNiro’s consents? Insanity! I’m speaking up for Harmony and his original vision and for any creative person who cares about preserving artistic integrity.

Well said, Franco (but please no one tell him about the (still unreleased) “Raging Bull” sequel). As for Harmony, he has yet to weigh in on the matter, but hopefully we’ll hear from him soon, or about his brewing potential project with Robert Pattinson.

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Alex Melberg

I hope the sequel comes out!! Selena Gomez is awesome! Pitbull or Lil Wayne should either make cameos or be on the soundtrack!


Say what you want about James Franco, but he has a point. Though, I wonder why the new writer-director crew hasn't spoken up about what they plan to do. How can it be a sequel if the only resemblance to the first film is the setting?


James Franco sucks Seth Rogen's dick. Little Bro Dave Franco from 21 jump street and Neighbors is a MUCH better actor. Oh and for the record, Spring Breakers was literally Terrible.

Robert Hunt

"A terrible film that makes money off of someone else's creativity"? I hope they put that quote of the Blu-Ray cover of "Interior. Leather Bar"…

Robert Pedigo

Hey ….paybacks are a mother James…lol

Buggy nuts

James got Jacked just like he jacked Riff Raffs style sounds like karma


Understand this, you all don't understand james franco as a person or individual, not like he would want a hater like you to, anyway. Stop getting heated and h8ing on his grammar and movies.


ugh… his grammar, punctuation… and it's 'raison d'être'… he needs to be less dumb if he wants to age well. Appropriating other languages incorrectly is THE worst.


Not sure why he cares, he gets to touch and fake shag hot girls all day.

Not a Pervert

While it was no Taxi Driver, I think the first Spring Breakers was an innovative and awesome movie. No, it didn't have an amazingly complicated storyline or much character development, but it did a great job showing the themes of corruption and violence through its cinematography and camera work.
The sequel will likely just be a stream of gratuitous nude shots. Then again, that's what most people thought the original was anyway, so maybe it will be successful. I'm not seeing it, though.


you people are nuts. Spring Breakers was an AMAZING movie. it has a huge cult following. its WAY ahead of its time. theres a reason its on a ton of critics top 10 of the year. cuz it was.


Who cares?

Tyrone Hed

If there's one thing Franco knows, it's shitty movies. He has certainly been in enough shitty films to be considered an expert. In fact, making shitty movies is about the only thing he's good at.

dimitris arnaoutis oikonomakis

he has a point because the first one was such a great success… :p
seriously now
teens in a spring break half naked is a cool idea for a light sex comedy
still it flopped
so they insist on the idea but change the creative team
anyone would think this way not just a holywood producer and would give the concept a second chance
james franco is bitching a lot lately maybe the phone has stopped ringing


Why is everyone taking from this that Franco is comparing himself to ANYone? He is simply making a very simple, universally recognizable comparison to illustrate the nerve someone would have to rip off the creative property of others.

Sorry… what I mean is. HE WAS TRYING TO MAKE YOU DUMBASSES out there understand with the rest of us! Bet you he's scratching his head right now saying, "are you kidding me?? How could I put it any simpler for you idiots to understand?"

Answer, with some people you just can't James… Even you can't make everyone think.


The original was a load of trash too. Nothing to see here….Move on!


Lol what I find hilarious is that people think he's comparing himself to Scorcese and DeNiro. What he's comparing is two groups of people who made original works, kinda like you drawing something then someone else takes it adds a few scribbles and calls it theirs without your knowledge. He was just referring to a famous work that people like and wouldn't want to see ruined.


What a self important douche nozzle. Comparing himself to young DeNiro…and Spring Breakers to Taxi Driver…Up yers Franco.


I could really care less, but if you're going to try and look smart by peppering in some French at least do it right. It's not "reason d'être." It's "raison d'être."


Wait, it wasn't already a horrible film???


While I generally agree that the second coming is utterly unnecessary, Franco comparing himself & Korine to Scorsese and De Niro is unintentionally hilarious.


The first one would have made a great music video. As a film it was terrible


So you guys probably have hundreds of articles complaining about remakes/reboots/sequels but when a popular figure takes a stand, you disagree? Doesn't that seem anti-indie spirit? It seems like at this point you guys will publish anything, including all the contrarian and indie-drama bullshit articles you guys wave around for maximum link clicks.

Delvin That Dude

So how do you explain the fact they stole the character from Riff Raff to begin with, thats like stealing someones wallet then getting mad that someone else stole the debit card out of it.


the first one was a terrible film so….

Emperor Zerg Rush

"So what is it you're working on?"

"Promise you won't say anything to anyone? It's a sequel to Raging Bull… except the guy is really thin. I'm talking really, REALLY thin."

(Badly paraphrased from The Muse)

I wouldn't be surprised if this does a complete turnaround and has Korine producing it before it's all said and done.

If not, I'm wondering if we get another Skrillex/Cliff Martinez score for it or if their involvement was conditional upon certain others being involved (Franco, etc.) as well.

Spring Break 4ever

Spring Breakers is a masterpiece movie that truly confused a great deal of people. They went in, thinking Project X and because majority of people didn't know who Harmony Korine was or even bother to look him up, so they were truly shocked (It had Disney ladies so it must be similar to Project X right, mmmmmmmmmmm WRONG).

Hence, the "worst movie ever", comments. This movie will be studied for years to come (already some classes are undertaking this), quite simply a classic. It deals with the social nightmare of our society today brilliantly.

Franco, has stated many times before, that this is one of his best roles (he is truly passionate about this role, and I wish he earned him an Oscar nomination because he deserved it) ever, and in my opinion he's correct.

He simply gave an iconic performance (that other actors should study) and no wonder that last year Alien's Halloween costumes were one of the top sellers, as well as fans getting tattoos, two rappers fighting over him saying he was playing me for over a year and how cute was that MTV Movie Awards dog dressed up as Alien.

Seriously, he nailed this role (there are various degrees of iconic performances and this is one of them). The "Look At My Sheeyit" speech alone could never be repeated in the way Franco did it and what about the Britney Spears number (Franco deserves more awards for this role).

Spring Breakers with Korine + Franco + Cinematography + Soundtrack = Classic! The ladies in this movie were alright too for what they had but acting wise Franco went above them all.

This new Spring Breakers 2 should never happen (way too soon for a start), as it just wouldn't have the magic as the original, especially since it shocked and divided so many people. This Spring Breakers 2, unless they make it like Project X (which is what people thought the first one would be), to slightly separate it from the original then maybe it might work.

However, Korine and Franco don't need to worry, their uniqueness of a movie will last 4ever, no matter how the new one turns out.

tristan eldritch

In a funny sort of way, an unofficial cash-in sequel makes perfect ironic sense in relation to the original's b-movie aesthetics

Loz in Transit

Makes you wonder how many of the Disney audience were Korine-ized when they watched Spring Breakers. James Franco has always walked the balanced between both audiences, he has arguably the oddest cross section of admirers.

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