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Kristen Stewart, Director? Watch Her Directorial Debut Here.

Kristen Stewart, Director? Watch Her Directorial Debut Here.

Good news for Kristen Stewart fans! Not only did the actress impress at Cannes in ‘Clouds of Sils Maria,” but she also recently directed a music video for Sage Galesi and her band, Sage + The Saints–and it’s pretty cool too.

In collaboration with Buffalo David Bitton and and Starlight Studios, Stewart directs Sage in a video for “Take Me To The South,” a tribute to the culture that defines country music. Not only is the video a chance to get a little known singer and her band out to the public, but it’s also an opportunity to see what Stewart can do behind the camera.

Check the video out below:

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This looks like something a 14 year old made as a Vine video. It took two people to direct this dark, blurry nothing of a music video? Pathetic. This was a total vanity project for her, I wouldn't be surprised to learn she used some of her Twilight money to foot the bill just so she could say she's a director now.

It's sad that her ambition outstrips her talent by a mile. As for Sage, she's been trying for 7 years now and has never made a dent. This song and video are going nowhere.


I think Kristen and Ethan did an excellent job co-directing this music video. I applaud Kristen for her courage in pursuing her dreams and also helping her friend out. I wish her the very best in accomplishing her goals and fulfilling her dreams in life.


Really nice for her. Cool to see her expanding her artistic endeavors. We need more women directors.


This girl has a great vocie. We will be seeing more of her.

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