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Michael Moore Wants to Hear From You

Michael Moore Wants to Hear From You

Michael Moore is reaching out to his fans for links to great stories, important ideas and crazy stuff off the internet. 

In a recent newsletter blast, the “Fahrenheit 9/11” and “Capitalism: A Love Story” director announced that he wants links to your favorite articles to post on his Twitter and Facebook pages. Here’s what he had to say:

People every day send me links to things — to great stories, important ideas, worthy organizations, and just some craaaazy stuff that cracks me up. Occasionally I will put these links on my Facebook page or my Twitter feed — and, in a matter of seconds, these links will suddenly reach a large worldwide audience. I have over one million very close Facebook friends, and nearly two million Twitter followers. 

Lately, I’ve been thinking, why don’t I actually provide a conduit for those of you who every day find things in the news or on the internet and then say to yourself, “Wow — EVERYONE should read this!” You may have 200 people on your Twitter or Facebook, or maybe two thousand — but what if I offered you the chance to share those links of cool or important things you find with two million people? Perhaps you’ve found a hilarious video or a link to someone who has uncovered some serious wrongdoing and you’re thinking to yourself, “More people should know about this!” 

So here’s what I’m going to do. If you read a story that you feel deserves a wider audience (and I agree), then I’ll put it up on my Twitter feed and Facebook page. 

So, if you’ve read something today (or any day) that you think a few million others should see, just send the link to me hereThey can be from the New York Times or the Bedford Falls Gazette – the more the story is being ignored, the more I want to share it on my social media feeds

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Andrew Bell Edman Goewey

Michael Moore, wrote this today this p.m., 5/15/14.

Sonnet written on hearing of a Sudanese woman,
8 mos. pregnant, being sentenced to hanging for
marrying a Christian man, even though she was
Christian her whole life, her father Moslem, but who
left the family early on. An example of heartlessness,
too quick/eager to judge, this happens without the mercy of
God in Christ, in my opinion, in Islamic or sharia law, but I'm
sure "they" have their defense, as everybody. 2:19 p.m.ET, 5/15/14

Islam, professing a belief in God,
or Allah, as He's known to Moslem folk –
does disagree with basics, but the rod
of their sharia law can your life choke

and send you thither, no defense at all,
but executed by a heartless state
that would not be so heartless if the wall
between it and our God was not of hate,

for Christ can heal, deliver you from death,
or any illness, cancer or despair,
or any situation, megadeath,
for He is found in silence and in prayer.

For God forgives, so a draconian law
is not so needed, to keep our hearts in awe.

2:19 p.m., ET, May 15, 2014, Thursday
by Andrew B. Edman Goewey,
copyright given to Moslems and the Sudanese


Hey fatso…get an intern to slog for you….we know you're gonna use this crap to sell ads to google….lol

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