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Must Watch: The Trailer For ‘Batman vs. Superman’ (If The Film Was About Their Forbidden Gay Love, That Is)

Must Watch: The Trailer For 'Batman vs. Superman' (If The Film Was About Their Forbidden Gay Love, That Is)

Just a few days after the first images of Ben Affleck in his batsuit from “Batman vs. Superman” were released, we’ve got the full trailer!  Or, we have a full trailer, that reimagines the film as a forbidden gay love story between the two superheroes called “Man of Steel 2: The Secret is Out.” 

With some very hot stand-ins for Affleck and Henry Cavill, the clip — produced by a French comedy channel a few months ago — is a mildly funny take on a film that we’d love to someday see but know all too well we never will. 

“Every hero has a secret,” says the narrator. “But when it becomes too difficult to keep and the word starts to spread, they have to accept what they truly are.”

Watch below, if only for the fun Robin cameo:

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Whahaha, awesome


Pretty funny especially the Spandau Ballet "True" song. And Hans Zimmer's score was the best thing about Man Of Steel.


The homosexual community needs to be stifled don't go mucking everything up with ur politics keep your gayness on your side of the fence .


can two guys be friends nowadays without the homosexual community trying to out them?



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