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New Feature Documentary – ‘Afraid Of Dark’ – Examines “Why Everyone Is Afraid Of Black Men” (Fundraising)

New Feature Documentary - 'Afraid Of Dark' - Examines "Why Everyone Is Afraid Of Black Men" (Fundraising)

Sometimes when you’re a filmmaker it takes so long to
make a film, that you wonder if it still will be relevant, or if anyone will care
about it, once it’s finally finished.

Well, according to Brooklyn-based filmmaker Mya B, speaking on her new documentary feature film, Afraid of Dark, she, in fact, wondered just that about her film, or, as
she says, when she started the project she had “no idea that it would be more
relevant now than ever, and that it would take shape the way it did. I pray that it wakes up the masses not only
in our community, but in others as well.

Exploring the
history of two of the most prevalent stereotypes of black men – the “Mandingo” and the “brute” Mya B’s documentary breakdowns scientific racism,” examining how many black men “have been affected by those particular
stereotypes throughout history, and how the subconscious belief in them have
contributed to violence and the incarceration of black men at disturbing rates.

In the film, she also includes candid interviews and
commentary from 3 generations of
black men in her family who demystify those stereotypes. 

But Mya B says that she felt that she had to make the
film because: “I
wanted to analyze the damaging stereotypes of black men which has led to them
being murdered 
and criminalized.  I also
wanted black men to receive their glory outside of all the bad things you 
in the 
media and profile the amazing black men I know and who are in our
More importantly I wanted
people to never forget those black youth and men who never got justice
 in death
by honoring
 them in the film to keep them alive in our memories.

The film is set to tour the film festival circuit this
year, so keep an eye out for it.

And to help see it through completion, the filmmaker set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise $15,000. She’s raised about half of it with a few days left to go in the campaign. Watch a trailer for the film below, and then head over to the project’s Kickstarter page to make a contribution.

Kickstarter page HERE (or click in widget underneath the trailer):

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Dywane Brown

I believe this is a must see film for everyone. Thank for your hard work. Peace


@DEDRAHJ: Shut the entire fck up. Please and thank you. Not only are you presenting opinion as fact, your argument is so faulty my 7th grade son has better reasoning skills. Most crime happens intra-racially. Understand? Making your entire point moot. You idiots have to climb back on the couch of your mother's basement & stop faux philosophizing on sh-t you're clueless about.

Can't wait to see this documentary. Big ups to Mya B.

Mrs. Dee Schwartz

Except every female Kardashians and maybe some males, can you say Kris Jenner?


Who is afraid of dark? White people? Black people? Chinese people? Everybody in America? Why do yo think people are afraid of dark? Because of stereotypes? No. Because people are unfortunately afraid of those who commit the most crimes in -their- neighborhoods. Those who live in an all white neighborhoods with little black males will be afraid of any strange white male because white males for instance commit the most burglars in their neighborhood. Same goes for blacks.

And keep in mind stereotypes DO come form somewhere. SOME stereotypes are based on some form of evidence. I love how some black people forget that there are many black men and boys out there who DO act, speak life, and dress like the aggressive thug/gangster stereotype. What do you say to these black males? To keep doing what they are doing and expect people to not judge them?

Some black people do live and breathe their own negative stereotypes period. You have no excuse to complain about a stereotype when YOU DO LIVE that stereotype.

On National scale, why do we demand people to suddenly not fear certain black males? What do you say to these people? When we make up the minority of the population yet males in our community account for such high crime rates. What does that tell you?

In my neighborhood it is predominantly black. You are telling me that I should start fearing random white males in my area because of the deaths of Trayvon and Jordan? That is ridiculous. White on black crime is being over exaggerated.

If you want to expose the white on black crimes then play fair and expose black on white crime. Where were you radical Afrocentrist hypocrites when that black man shot a white baby in the face?
Or when those black men murdered a black woman and her white marine husband?Murder of Jan Pawel and Quiana Jenkins Pietrzak


I definitely want to see this.

Doc Name

Doc name is actually "Afraid of Dark", not 'the' Dark. And yeah, it makes a difference.

Solid E

Is there anyone in America, has there ever been any group in this county under more scrutiny than the black male? I think naught . . .

Black Sun Tzu


All Off Subject

That chick Mya B, can get it. I saw her when I was in Brooklyn at a festival once.
Thick in all the right spots.

Oh, the doc…

Seems definitely worth checking out.

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