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New Images Of Jessica Chastain & Colin Farrell In Liv Ullman’s ‘Miss Julie’ Plus Poster

New Images Of Jessica Chastain & Colin Farrell In Liv Ullman's 'Miss Julie' Plus Poster

With Cannes now out of the way, three major festivals—Venice, Telluride and Toronto—are on the horizon, where even more new films will unspool for the first time. And one we’re hoping/expecting to see is “Miss Julie” starring Jessica Chastain and Colin Farrell. And today a batch of new images and a poster have dropped for the movie.

Liv Ullman directs her first film in over twelve years, adapting August Strindberg‘s acclaimed play, follows Julie and John who fall into an affair as passionate as it is savage, with their plans for escape to a new life together resulting in something tragic. Basically, it’s great material in the hands of three people who can probably bring some fiery life to the tale.

No U.S. distributor for this one yet, but we’re sure that’ll be sorted out soon enough. [The Film Stage]

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Dick van Dyke

Miss Julie is one the juiciest and most demanding roles for a young actress. Liv Ullmann is one of the finest film actors of all time. And Jessica is hitting the peak of her career. For that alone this is going to be worth watching.

I see it's shot by Mikhail Krichman too – the Russian DP who shot The Return.

Not usually a fan of period drama but this has got some serious talent behind it.


Jeez! those pics look so posed and fake! expecially the one where they are kissing, it looks like awful CGI dolls! water and oil have more chemistry than Colin Farrell and Jessica Chastain! LOL
Let me guess, this will be another movie where Jessica is miscast, bland, inexpressive and overshadowed by her supporting cast, but the critics will call it "the best performance ever" just because they chose her as their darling of the moment… so predictable! and Colin Farrell aka 'The Box Office Poison' and a terrible actor in a period piece? LOL not to mention that Liv Ullman is not a good director either and distributors are running away from this movie!
Another flop in the way!

James M.


Jessican Chastain directed by one of the greatest actresses in the history of the cinema.



Y'know, I'm sure Ullman and Chastain and Farrell do great work here, but seriously, what is the point of a movie of Miss Julie? Surely whoever put money into this thing knows that despite its 'quality', it's bound to be a losing venture? It's a filmed Strindberg play! Or otherwise they know nothing about the film industry or cinema audiences.


It looks like Liv Ullman expanded the story, which I think is a good sign. No matter how the movie turns out, I'm sure Jessica will be extraodinary in this role. Liv Ullmann was full of praise for Chastain, calling her performance "a miracle".


When did this happen ?

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