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Project of the Day: ‘Beacon Point’

Project of the Day: 'Beacon Point'

Here’s your daily dose of an indie film in progress; at the end of the week, you’ll have the chance to vote for your favorite.

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Beacon Point 

Tweetable Logline: The woods are scary for a reason.

Elevator Pitch: A group of hikers on the Appalachian Trail stumbles across an ancient secret that threatens their survival.

Production Team:

Directed by
Eric Blue

Writing Credits
Eric Blue
Traci Carroll

Produced by
Matt Ackerman
Eric Blue
Scott Salamon

Music by
Kevin Riepl

Cinematography by
Jim McKinney

About the Production: If you’ve ever been hiking or camping alone, far away from civilization,
you know how creepy things can get. That was my inspiration for
writing “Beacon Point.” My goal was to take these experiences and channel
them into a fresh story. I wanted to write a horror-thriller screenplay
that would break many of the cliches and imagery that so many movies
have rehashed. For example, our protagonist, or hero, is a woman. “Beacon
Point” melds American Indian legends and an ominous and remote area of
the Great Smoky Mountains to create the perfect environment for our

Current Status: Post-production. All that’s left is music, visual FX and coloring. Release date is September 2014

For more information and to support this project: Kickstarter Page

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Carrie Happy Bryant

Can't wait to see this! Filmed in my back yard. Great people. Very Excited!


Can't wait to see this !!


Spooky – like the premise of backpack camping and ancient native American Indian spirits.

Varner Holmes

Beacon Point gets my vote!!


This movie sounds awesome. Yes, I would like to see it.


I'd like to see this flick

Tonya westmoreland

This would be my pick


Beacon Point got my atention and my vote!

Paul Wilkis

This would be my choice.


Beacon Point. Looks amazing. Gets my vote

Clarissa Valentine Gant

I'd love to see Beacon Point!

Dot Blum

Very timely and great concept. Got my vote.

Michael Scimeca

I'm voting for Beacon Point!

Judy Keating

Beacon Point gets my vote.


I'm interested. Beacon Point my choice.

Garrison Baker

Well done! Beacon Point is my choice.

Deena hopkins

Looks great. I am a camper, or I was, and I want to see this movie.


I want to see Beacon Point. It looks like the "BLAIR WITCH PROJECT" OF 2014 !

Ron Baker

Go Beacon Point


I vote Deacon Point


Can't wait to see it in the theater!

Deborah Bowman


Collin Alexander

Beacon Point… Brilliant

Marilyn Wankel

I vote for Beacon Point!!!!


Definitely agree with Jessica Hargrove… can't wait to see this female empowered movie!!


Anxious to see Beacon Point!


Can't wait to see Beacon Point!!


Can't wait to see it!


Beacon Point! Beacon Point! Beacon Point!

James Rozzell

Looks good Eric and will see the movie when its released.

Jessica Hargrove

I can't wait to see "Beacon Point". I love it when a women is the hero. It makes me feel so empowered as a lady. This looks like an "A" class flick.

Sloane Warren

Amazing talent, a must see thriller!

Amy Williams

Love this movie already and the people behind it are first rate, incredible talent.


Very professional … they know what they are doing … and want to do.

Mo Bruhns

I reckon it's going to be awesome


Can't wait to see it!

Herb Koross

Very hard working and ambitious undertaking!


In movie as an extra… Going to be an awesome movie!!!

William Regno

Great movie concept and fantastic writing.

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