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Project of the Day: ‘Sam & Amira’

Project of the Day: 'Sam & Amira'

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“Sam & Amira” 

Tweetable Logline: A love story about an army vet struggling to assimilate back into a country while trying to win the heart of an Iraqi immigrant.

Elevator Pitch: Most “soldier-coming-home-from-war” films deal with a soldier battling PTSD, we wanted to flip that well-worn premise on its head: What if the soldier who returns if fine, but it’s his country that’s lost its mind? 

America was built on the backs of immigrants and protected by the courage of veterans – yet both of these groups have grown increasingly marginalized in today’s society. The best way to explore such complex issues in the context of an independent film was to create an intimate love story with universal implications.

Production Team:

Written and Directed by Sean Mullin 

Stars: Martin Starr (Silicon Valley; Knocked Up), Dina Shihabi, Paul Wesley (Vampire Diaries) and Laith Nakli (The Visitor

Timothy R. Boyce Jr. … Co-producer
Patrick Callahan … Co-executive producer
Michael Connors … Co-producer
Terry Leonard … Producer
Erich Lochner … Producer
Matt Miller … Producer
Meg Montagnino-Jarrett …Executive producer
James Ponsoldt … Executive Producer (The Spectacular Now)
Daniel Vecchione … Cinematographer
Julian Robinson ………Editor

About the Production: From Director Sean Mullin: The inspiration for this film comes from a very personal place. As an
officer in the New York Army National Guard, I was a first-responder on
September 11th, 2001.  I spent almost a year as the Officer in Charge of
the soldiers stationed down at Ground Zero – while performing stand-up
comedy at night.  After witnessing firsthand how our country decided to
deal with the attacks – unending warfare, rampant xenophobia, financial
deregulation – I felt compelled to set my debut feature film within this

Current Status: Funds for festival travel, Posters, Festival Publicist, BTS editor, and so on

For more information and to support this project: Indiegogo Page 

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kevin lett

Gotta see this!


Want to see it!

Ingrid Vollset

Looks beautiful!Can't wait to see more!!!

Ahmed Amin

Excellent job, can't wait to see it!!!

Jagoda Letkowska

Sam& Amira!!!!!!!!!! Bravo! Bravo! Bravissimo! It is a great movie!

Lacy Marie Meyer

Laith Nakli is the jam!!!

Laura Lynn Cottrel

Totally a film I'd want to see.

Jules Helm

Great film! A must see!!!

Steve Griffith

Sam & Amira is a movie that is relevant and can make a positive impact on American society.

Jeffrey Heisler

I want to definitely see more from the people who brought us this great piece of cinema! Sam and Amira! LOVE

Rebecca Jean Smith

Loved it!!

Brian Distance

This is a timely topic that heretofore has not been explored. Very interesting concept. This is one I would want to see at TriBeCa.

Bob Glass

Great Movie, saw it at the premiere in Seattle. Can't wait to see it and other Sean Mullin movies more broadly distributed.


sam and amira

Susan Alden

I can't wait to see Sam & Amira! Having personally witnessed Sean's Mullin's unique talent and passion while we were attending West Point, I have no doubt this film will be phenomenal!


When does this movie play in New York . I want to see it I am a big fan of Paul Wesley


Yes, want to see this!


been hearing awesome things about this movie. can't wait to see it!


Defo watching it 😍😍


I'm gonna see this movie because Paul Wesley is involved !

Mary Anne

Can't wait until Friday!!!! Movie time!!!


can't wait to get the opportunity to see this movie!!

adam kern

I love it!

Jennifer Cullen

I can't wait to see this film!! It looks like an awesome film even independent of the important subject matter that it is tackling. That and the video on the indigogo page is priceless, love his daughter in that.


Looking forward to seeing this film. It's important to support independent film makers and the artists who take part in these projects.

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