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Richard Elfman Crowdfunding “Forbidden Zone 2”

Richard Elfman Crowdfunding "Forbidden Zone 2"

A cult film I’ve really enjoyed since I saw it way back when as a midnight show – at the Waverly Theatre in Greenwich Village in the early 1980s – is Richard Elfmann’s Forbidden Zone (1980).
Thirty-four years later(!) Elfman is using Crowdfunding to raise money to film a sequel. And yesm brother Danny Elfman is involved. I sent in a few bucks – I wonder if lightning can strike twice, three decades apart? Animator Jeaux Janovsky created this promo (below) to help the cause – though they’ve apparently already reached their goal on Indiegogo

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If anyone cares, the mid-nineties VHS of Glen or Glenda from Rhino Home Video used in the Forbidden Zone 2 promo is the most recent commercial release of the uncut film that I've been able to find. The widely circulated print from the Image Entertainment DVD is missing several minutes of actual Ed Wood-shot footage as well as snippets of key dialogue. It's a travesty.

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