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Robert Pattinson Says He May Make A Movie With Harmony Korine, Admits He Was “Bruised” By ‘Twilight’ Critics

Robert Pattinson Says He May Make A Movie With Harmony Korine, Admits He Was "Bruised" By 'Twilight' Critics

“The first time I ever felt like I was seeing an adult when I looked at myself on screen, was when I discovered the Dior ad that I filmed last year, directed by Romain Gavras,” Robert Pattinson told Premiere (via Maps To The Stars Fansite) magazine (see the ad below), and it’s been a long battle for the actor to be seen as something more than just a YA hunk. While “Twilight” shot him to fame, breaking out of that public persona was difficult. “After being dissed for years because of ‘Twilight,’ my ego was a little bruised,” he admits. But he’s got great reasons to be feeling much better about himself and his career.

Next week, the actor will be at Cannes for the second time, this time with two films to his name: David Cronenberg‘s “Maps To The Stars” and David Michod‘s “The Rover.” And he’s incredibly proud of those movies, and the choices he’s making. ” ‘The Rover’ confirmed this feeling [as an adult], which continued on ‘Life,’ the film I just shot with [Anton] Corbijn. I think I have more confidence in myself and these Cannes selections are helping a lot,” Pattinson stated. And he’s been getting some solid advice from those he’s worked with.

“I remember seeing Juliette [Binoche] before we started shooting the [sex] scene [in ‘Cosmopolis‘]. She was giving me advice: ‘Keep choosing classy projects and filming intelligent films,’ ” Pattinson shared. And his next moves are definitely intriguing.

In our recent interview with James Gray, the director confirmed “The Lost City Of Z” with Pattinson and Benedict Cumberbatch was next, but before that, the actor reveals he might be doing something very unexpected. “In the meantime, I might film something with Harmony Korine, with whom I’ve been dreaming to work since I was 17, like with James Gray. I keep asking him what the film is about but he doesn’t want to tell me,” Pattinson said. Damn.

So what could the project be? Well, anything really, but in the spring of 2013, it was reported that one of the films Korine was developing, and that could be his next, was about a multi-generational family of criminals in the South. Of course, that logline in the hands of Korine could be anything.

We’ll certainly be keeping our ear to the ground for what Korine may be brewing next. As for Pattinson, he’ll be shooting “The Lost City Of Z” in January, he’s still got Werner Herzog‘s “Queen Of The Desert” on the way, and it looks like he’s been following Binoche’s advice to the letter.

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I'm calling it early – David Michod's The Rover for the win. @TheRoverFilm RT @sydfilmfest Screening in Official Competition #SydFilmFest

This was a tweet by Tweet from Hollywood Reporter critic in Sydney, Megan Lehmann.

The oddsmakers have Maps to the Stars as a favorite, in the top three films with a good chance of taking the grand prize at the Cannes Festival. I'd say Pattinson has a career most actors under 30 would envy.


Thanks Kevin Jagernauth for professional write up.I love Dior commercial but prefere uncensored director's cut:)


It's shame that when a legitimate film blog tries try to have a credible discussion about either Pattinson or Stewart's career, the idiot fans of each of these young actors turn the comments section into an embarrassment. These are the people who have made it so hard for each of these young actors to be taken seriously – I'm sure they both find this continued behavior repugnant.

Shelley Dustin

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betty b

Great Actor ! Great Career ahead ! Many in Hollywood "who truly count" are praising and admire your career choices. It is wonderful to hear (means you are listening) you repeat advice from Julianne Moore:" Keep choosing classy projects and filming intelligent films." Blockbusters are great monetary investment to the movie industry but can also be shorterm for the actor/actress. Indies show versatility and a great foundation for a long lasting career in the movie industry. Fickle fans come and go.. no great loss there. Your true fans will continue to follow your career and articles headlined 'Robert Pattinson'. God-Speed :-)




I recognize you, Matthew Goode. You hate Pattinson, but oddly, you stalk all articles where he's mentioned and leave some negative comment. That's called "trolling."

And you disqualify yourself as any kind of judge of anything when you talk about Cosmopolis. Cosmopolis is what's called a success d'estime, a work of art that wins critical respect but not popular success. All the people involved with it were very happy with the end result and with the critical reception. I think Cronenberg knows more about filmmaking than you do.

And as for the Twilight franchise, all the films are Rottten on RT, the books got the worst reviews possible for works of fiction, and the general worldwide consensus is that the source material is crap. There is no comparison to the HP series, so you look kind of foolish even bringing that up. The Twilight films owe their box office to Pattinson's participation, and even Summit studio knows it. Pattinson hasn't said anything that isn't true, so get over it.

He has an excellent reputation within the industry, as evidenced by the people who are jumping at the chance to work with him. No one is better at promoting a film, tirelessly standing in the rain for hours to sign autographs and pose with fans. Videos and youtube prove this.


I am a fan of Rob's and Kristen's , but supposedly here we say what we think about Rob and not everybody else. I would watch Rob's films whatever because I find him interesting, sexy, handsome and charismatic. He felt persecuted, I guess is the word, by his fans during the Twilight years, but I suspect he knows that he is now set for life because of them. He is also very smart so I wish him well. Look forward to his new films, and keenly await The Rover to start him off on a new journey. Greetings all!

Matthew Goode

Reading these comments is hilarious. Whenever someone makes a negative remark against Pattinson, they're automatically branded a "KStew stan" by his overzealous fans. Well, no, I'm not a Kstew stan when I say this; Pattinson has no talent. He is as vapid as he is stiff. His performances leave a sour taste in my mouth and his nostrils never stop flaring. He constantly looks like a cat sniffing a large pile of feces. He is not some A-list actor with A-list movie credentials nor is he even remotely close to being a respected actor. When I look at his IMDB page, I'm not as impressed as I am whenever I look at the pages of other actors in his age range. This is not about Kristen Stewart and I'm not comparing their careers because they have completely different careers and opportunities so really, what's the point of even bringing her name up in these other comments?

I'm not actively following his career but I have watched some of his movies (Cosmopolis was the absolute worst). I have also come across some interviews he has done and I've had the unfortunate experience of coming in contact with some of his fans who talk a lot of shit with nothing to back it up. If his talent doesn't do him in, his fans will. In his interviews he comes off as arrogant and self-centered. I'm very aware of the popular "meme" that goes something like, "No one hates Twilight like Robert Pattinson hates Twilight" and this is usually followed by a collection of different quotes or gifs of him bashing Twilight. Do NOT bite the hand that feeds you. This young man spent years talking down to the very thing that gave him any semblance of a name in Hollywood and he claims that the reviews bruised his ego. Yeah? Get over it. This is Hollywood. This is how the industry works.

Zac Efron, of all people, has a more respected career than Pattinson in the eyes of many people, not just me, and he began his long journey to the top with High School Musical. Never once did I hear Efron bash those movies – and there were three of them! Nor did he call the writer/creator a silly man or woman. Same with Daniel Radcliffe. He has not a single bad thing to say about the Harry Potter franchise that brought him fame and adulation from millions of people and helped him to be able to form a respectable career in Hollywood. Don't forget where you came from and don't imply that your prior movies were missteps. The directors of those movies you call "missteps" are paying attention and they hear you loud and clear. He's obnoxious. Kudos to him for having two movies at Cannes. It's not the pinnacle of success and he's not any closer to an Oscar than he was 3 years ago but good for him. Hopefully he can begin promoting his future movies without throwing his past movies under the bus.


Pattinson is a good actor who is working with the best directors in cool projects.
@ David you're a woman? and all the other gossip mongers, if you hate the films of this actor, don't look his films & last this is a movie blog, not a gossip site.


Rob is in a good place career wise.Always knew he is talented.happy see the world taking notice now


One wonders if Zac Efron fans try this hard.


Pattinson made one huge mistake, cheating behind Stewarts back to the point she reacted in kind. These two could have ridden off into the unset as a couple but chose to trash it all. He is not a great actor and will never be. Hollywood is loaded with has beens. She on the other hand has had a long career since childhood. She has both talent and looks. She helped him with his big start and got a kick in the arse for it. He should kiss the ground she walks on. Someday he will remember what he lost but it will be too late. The Perry's of this world are pure trash.


Very excited to see Pattinson's career unfold.He looks like an interesting actor and is making some wonderful film choices


You know, I'm hardly a Kristen Stewart fan by ANY stretch of the imagination but the way the Pattinson fans make him out to be some kind of on the cusp A-list, Oscar caliber, rare talent, while Stewart is one step away from soap operas is so bloody delusional and off the mark. Doesn't she have a movie premiering at Cannes as well? I'm also not comfortable with the notion that because Stewart THE CHEATER broke their man-baby's heart, she deserves to fade in to obscurity (as opposed to her sheer lack of talent.) Would it hurt them to admit that Stewart and Pattinson are BOTH are on the same level career and talent wise, making a bunch of B-list indies and showing not one wit of presence or talent in any of them? Looking at how defensive they are, I think it would.


Sadly, I don't think Pattinson's career will ever recover from the Twilight Saga. Those movies ended up becoming deeply unpopular in the Hollywood community and even to some extent with the general public. They quickly became dated and cliched and are ridiculed. The unfavorable reviews and bad ratings the movies got upon their releases didn't help the actors that starred in them and being associated with Kristen Stewart has harmed the reputations of all around her. Also the fact that Pattinson and Lautner became teen sex idols during the Twilight heyday didn't earn them respect in the acting and film world. They'll always be viewed as 'those guys that were in those really cheesy movies based on those really bad romance novels by that Mormon cultist from Washington state'.


Dear Robert Pattinson,
I really enjoyed all the movies you have made and hope to enjoy more of your movies in the future. I especially loved "Water for Elephants", & " Twilight Saga". Dispite what others say – I think that you have to actually feel the part to be the part, and you seemed to make it look so naturally real with both the actresses in these 2 movies. I guess you'll be headed for lots more heartaches in the future – but – there will be that "1" special someone one day. Be patient. I guess acting is kind of like friendship-I never slept with my bestest friend and I still have him in my life today. We went through alot over the years and if anything it made our friendship stronger. I guess you have alot more pressure on you-being a famous actor? God Bless and be with you always & I hope the best for you always as well! Love,Kim (a fan)


I thought he dropped Mission Blacklist because of schedule and no time to prepare but now he may squeeze in another film before Lost City films in January…


I just wrote it on Facebook but I'm writing it here as well just to be sure you see it. I wrote a message on that Maps to the Stars Fansite because they did a mistake in their translation and you put it in your article too. Pattinson is actually talking about Julianne Moore and not Juliette Binoche giving him advice about choosing films to star in.


i truly do not understand the comments in this thread. i have the feeling it is probably two people playing thread pattycake. maybe even one.


The choices are interesting but once a bad actor, always a bad actor. He was really bad in Cosmopolis. The guy is wooden and has no screen presence or charisma whatsoever. But critics are guilible and doesn't have a clue about acting LOL so maybe they'll swallow him now that he's making cult films. Same with that Stewart chick.


There really is no moderation here. Never saw it as necessary before. LOL. Too bad, cause this guy is making some interesting choices (obviously not the ones some would like him too). Note to up and comers, stay away from YA fiction and, especially, the fanbase. Psychos.


Rob's talent outstrips that of his pathetic ex co star, Kristen Stewart, by so much it isn't even measurable. She put herself in the tabloids and wrecked her career at the same time when she got caught cheating with Rupert Sanders.

So almost two years later, Rob has proved his ability and star power while she continues to fade into obscurity. So happy for him, he deserves all these accolades he's getting. He comes across as so grounded and mature in this interview. Getting away from her is the best decision he's made.


Robert is anal. That's his problem. lolz




LOL Famous directors or not RPatz is an atrocious actor and will always be, whatever he makes. And all his movies are flops so not even a money draw aymore. His career will not last.


Can't wait for The Rover. Good advice from Juliette Binoche. I don't get all of the negativity on this article. Sounds like a lot of disgruntled Twilight fans.


Geez, every article I have seen about this guy since the Cannes announcement dredges up incredible negativity and nastiness. Seems some agenda a work here because the verbiage is similar across the board. Having a negative opinion is one this but this goes beyond. What did this guy say or do that was so bad? Twilight? Good luck Mr. Pattinson. Seems you have tough road to get some obsessive haters to let go. The Rover definitely looks intriguing and Harmony Korine is a win!


Robert's doing some really interesting stuff post-Twi and yeah, the criticism of his role Edward was pretty harsh, considering it was a teen fluff movie. Cosmopolis was a trip and one of his older movies, Remember Me, is actually pretty fantastic. He's making movies with Guy Pearce and Benedict Cumberbatch, plus THOSE directors (Anton Corbjian!) so the people who matter sure think he can act and I completely agree.


I like Robert and his work outside of Twilight but it will take years before people let go off Twilight. I even mean Leo still get's associated with Titanic.


I hate The actors who Bite the hand that feeds them.


He's turned into such an arrogant ass. Hanging around Katy Perry too much, all about cynical careerism and nothing of an artist's aspiration. If he says 'I'm a man' one more time… lordy. He's been saying it in every interview for 2 years. How about you let us know AFTER the fact, when you actually grow up? With someone this self-absorbed, doubt it will ever happen. His fans refer to him(lovingly as a man-child. This one's in diapers. Baby man. Me, me, me, I want, I need, feel sorry for me, more about me.


What he said is pretty much true. I liked his work in Water for Elephants and Cosmopolis. He was genuinely good in both but unfortunately for him, a lot of people were wearing ''Twilight'' colored glassses. Wishing him luck though. He's signing onto the very interesting projects.


I read an article that stated that he us one of the 20 worst actors in HW. I have to agree. The main thing that he does in these movies is have sex with 3 or 4 women and honestly, that doesn't appeal to most people.
No one knew him before Twilight and he should be thankful that he was chosen for the part of Edward. Apparently, he thinks that he should be treated like royalty and I think that is so funny. If you want respect, you have to earn it!


Haven't the Stewart fans got anything else to do? This is getting boring, EVERY article.


The critics were right. He can't act.


good actor this robert


Lol this guy shi^ts on, whines and whines like a five year old about twilight when it reality is that those crappy films opened a lot of doors for him and put him on the map. Be more humble, man. Geez…

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