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Rumor: Jessica Chastain Sought For ‘True Detective’ Season 2

Rumor: Jessica Chastain Sought For 'True Detective' Season 2

Update: E! reports that HBO has denied reports of Chastain’s casting in “True Detective.” Sorry folks.

“Hard women, bad men, and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system” was the tease for season two that “True Detective” writer/creator Nic Pizzolatto gave the world after the much-lauded first season wrapped up and not too long before that, Pizzolatto took to twitter to hint at the idea of a female-led second season. However, the biggest question about the show’s future is who HBO can snag to replace the dream team of Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. Well, a new rumor has cropped up and at the very least it could point to how high the cable network is aiming.

Nerdist — yes, that Nerdist — reports that according to its sources, Playlist favorite (we named her the woman of 2011) Jessica Chastain “has been offered a leading role,” though the site notes the Oscar-nominated actress “has yet to accept.”  On the face of it she’s not as outlandish a choice as the rumored Brad Pitt — Chastain still seems to be in a better place right now career-wise than McConaughey was prior to starring in the series even if it was in the middle of the McConaissance. Don’t forget, it was only last January that found Chastain nominated for Best Actress and nabbing the top two box office slots with top-lining roles in both “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Mama.”

We’re already big fans of “True Detective” and have gone on record for our admiration for Chastain so if the rumor turns out to be true then the second season just got even more interesting to us. But we’d reckon any decision the actress makes will likely depend on who will be directing the show, and it likely won’t just be one helmer. Pizzolatto has said that the work required to shoot a series on that scale and have it finished in a timely fashion would probably mean more than on person behind the camera

What do you folks think? Will Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” end up boasting two “True Detective” stars after all?

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if Chastain is doing it then Brad Pitt is not far behind. See "Tree of Life". They are perfect together.


a no brainer. first name i thought would be a perfect fit after they said next season will feature female leads.


Dislike. Woody and Matthew coming together like that was great, amazing chemistry, phenomenal first season. Now that TD has been established it does not need Jessica Chastain nor should she go for it – what would be next, Anjelina Jolie? What happened to faces on TV we don't know and recognize? The same people are in everything. Chastain is great, wonderful, etc, but TD does not need to and should not rely on and play upon star power for it's next few seasons. Woody and Matthew were unique, and I'd keep watching them on this show forever. But just cause they're not coming back doesn't mean Brad Freaking Pitt or JC should be in it. It's a bit much.


This casting would be perfect. Also, Playlist, I love you even more for sharing my love and admiration for Chastain!

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