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Rumor: Zac Efron Up For Role In Marvel Project

Rumor: Zac Efron Up For Role In Marvel Project

Okay, so those Star Wars: Episode 7” rumors didn’t exactly pan out, but maybe under the massive Disney roof, there is still room for Zac Efron in another big franchise. And hell, the kid is hot, starring in the number one movie at the box office right now “Neighbors.” Plus, those abs. Amirite?

Anyway, according to Latino Review, the actor has met with Marvel and even has a script in his hand for a role for an unspecified part in an unspecified project, so let the guesswork begin! Maybe it’s for one of Marvel’s Netflix projects like “Daredevil“? That would seem to be the most likely scenario if there is actually a script, because things like “Guardians Of The Galaxy” spinoffs or “Captain America 3” aren’t in those positions yet. Maybe it’s a role in “Ant-Man” that will be shooting very soon? Basically, it could be anything, given that the intel right now is pretty vague.

Anyhow, give us your musings below on where you think Efron fits into the Marvel-verse.

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bitter trekkie

I can't see Efron doing a Netflix series. I'm worried that it's gonna be the Doctor Strange role…ugh, that would be awful…


Efron has sown that he has the acting ability to make it far. Even back during his Disney kid days in HSM you could tell he was willing to commit to any character. I'm anxious to see where he goes from here.


Hummmm…I know much about Marvel but is there a role for a good looking guy that sleeps around, has an epiphany at the end of many sexual encounters and dick jokes? Humm?? OK or the role of a tortured, dark amazingly handsome guy that only that one special lady can crack into and change his ways, he then will realize how he needs to change right before she dies? Oh and lets not forget to mention he needs to be on the shorter side? I just think although Zac Efron is trying to change his image he's now become the super hot "dick joke" guy? What? OK toss him a role of hummm maybe something that requires him to actually act??? A role that he covers up his face the whole time so I can forget how hot he is.


Black Panther


If they're goin younger i could totally see Nova




Could be Iron Fist?


so basically this is a post about nothing. an actor may have a job lined up soon. oh wait, it's that guy who gets a lot of clicks on other sites, may as well write a 300 word post about it. amirite?

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