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Stacey Dash To (Possibly) Join Fox News

Stacey Dash To (Possibly) Join Fox News

So as I said
about Stacey Dash a year and half ago, let’s imagine you’re an actress who got
dumped from your last regular TV gig, Single
. And then you got replaced in a film you were making due to
creative differences.” And your last two films – Patient Killer and Lap Dance
(you can pretty much guess the premise of that last one) – are “iffy” and may never see the light of day.

You try
posing for Playboy, and even create your own web series called Normal, in which you play a just
slightly exaggerated
version of yourself, which also never fully materialized, beyond the
trailer, and one episode.

But nothing is really working out as you planned. So what can
you do to get noticed? Well, if you’re a black woman like Stacey Dash, how about presenting and positioning yourself as a hard
core conservative, a fierce supporter of
the GOP and an Obama basher?

seems to have worked for Dash so far, who got the attention of conservatives, happy to have someone even remotely off-white, to prove to themselves that
they were welcoming of all types of people. 

Illusion is everything.

being reported
that Dash is now currently is in talks with Fox News to become a regular contributor on the network; a sort of
lateral move for someone whose last film is called Lap Dance I suppose.

No further
details so far, but it’s more than likely that, if she jumps on board, it wouldn’t
improve Fox’s black viewership, if that’s their intent, which I recently wrote about HERE.

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i never watch news but if she's wearing tight leather booty shorts, platform pumps and a tank with a push-up i'll watch with the sound turned down.

actually, i take that back…….. maybe she doesnt need the push-up.


Fox really is CLUELESS, and doesn't know its black conservative demo if they think Dash would draw viewers. … so interesting how both she and Alicia Silverstone's careers went completely south, following, that cult classic. Tells you a lot about how TALENTLESS they both are.

class of fitnees

Fox news 1.1 ratings might grow, but it would be nice to see her tv again.

Miles Ellison

She's certainly more than stupid enough.


I think they will get more black viewers…even though I'm left wing I will watch if she wears tight fitting clothes and show some cleavage and smile a lot…real talk


I don't believe anything she says on the conservative bent. I think she's auditioning. News is just another form of entertainment now and she's not running in the big circles making moves in Hollywood anymore so she just goes into the News/Talking head sphere. The democratic tent is too full of minorities and especially black women so you go where there's a vacuum, the conservative side. Its a new biz model-you get on as a contributor, then a regular commentator, then on a show. And if that happens, you start writing books and doing speaking engagements. BAM, Easy Money! And it must be much easier on that side of things because you can just say whatever comes into your head, as long as its "anti". That's not to say that's what being a Conservative or Republican means, but that's what it's media has become. The things we do for Money…


Forever clueless….


Appropriate. Fox News loves having black-bashing blacks on their channel to legitimize their overwhelming negativity, lack of understanding and lack of empathy for us. What's particularly sad is that she's taking the route of selling out her own people because she's exhausted all other options. At least she's giving me research material for a conservative, black female character I'm creating because I really do not understand how those folks think.

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