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Terry Crews To Replace Cedric The Entertainer As Host Of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’

Terry Crews To Replace Cedric The Entertainer As Host Of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’

I don’t know who Terry Crews agents are, but, whoever they
are, they deserve whatever percentage they’re getting and then some, since
Crews seems to be everywhere, in movies and TV. Where does he find the time to do
it all?

And now somehow he’s now found time to add another gig to
his long resume, with the announcement that Crews is all set to replace
Cedric The Entertainer” on the syndicated TV version of  Who Wants to be a Millionaire, next season.

Last week Cedric announced that he was leaving the show
after just one season, saying his busy schedule was creating a
problem for him to continue with the show. And Crews isn’t busy enough?

However, most likely, the show’s upcoming move to Stamford, Connecticut (where several nationally syndicated shows are produced because of its cheaper production costs), and perhaps the fact that Cedric was
simply not a good fit for the show, are more likely the reason why Cedric decided to move on.

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Steve Harvey hosts Family Feud lol!! Wheel of Fortune is the long standing Pat Sajak.

Diane Erickson

I am sick to death of Terry Crews and his yelling. I think that he is a happy fella and just does not have a clue as to how he appears to others. He is just absolutely irritating. I wish him luck but not as host of the Millionaire.


to the first comment, steve harvey is on family feud, not wheel of fortune, vanna white and pat sajak are not leaving that show.Secondly, it doesn’t take a rocket science to host the show.


Hey Mr Kirkwood Steve Harvey hosts family feud not Wheel of Fortune…smh


Steve doesn’t play on wheel it’s family fued

Dwayne Pou

Not really feeling TC as host. I hated Cedric as host tho.I love both these guys however as game show host..NOPE.OH And I see some don’t know..Steve Harvey is the host of Family Feud not WOF so to the person that stopped watching WOF because he was the’s ok to go back to watching now.


I disagree with all the haters out there. Cedric was a good choice for Millionaire. He was able to interact well with the contestants and was an enthusiastic and entertaining (upbeat and family friendly) host. He does still do standup comedy and films and it may be his preference. Whoever said Steve Harvy does a great job on Wheel of Fortune is out of touch with reality. Wheel is and has been hosted by Pat Sajack for some time. Steve Harvey has never hosted Wheel but is doing a fantastic job on Family Feud and his own talk show, both of which are highly rated. Terry Crews is articulate and personable and entertaining too. He’s doing quite well. Wayne Brady is doing a fantastic job on Let’s Make a Deal. He is a multi-talented singer, and stage, television and film star. So…there is nothing wrong with the chemistry of (new) TV hosts being chosen; and I, for one, welcome the addition of some color and diversity to the TV game shows/hosts…


I agree that terry crews is as bad as the last one they all have the same problem they yell to much instead of taslkingand talk to much so sorry don’t like him bring back Rivera she was the best for that job


I don’t about that. I think Terry Crews may struggle in the beginning, but he will get the hang of it. I am sure he will surprise us all and do very well.


Umm Steve Harvey hosts, "Family Fued"


I, actually, MISS Cedric; I thought his

hat was cool, & his gist w/his hands @
the end of the show, I thought was grrreat, too:) His name fits his talent, in my opinion; I liked him in Cadillac Records, too!:) Nothing against Crews, either; they, both, know what they, each, can handle

Lorna Rainey

I really liked Cdric as the host. he was amiable, funny and empathetic. His little sign-off "Watch your wallet" was so cute! I really looked forward to him everyday. But terry crews with his over-the-top yelling and jumping around is a real turn-off. I’ll have to find something else to watch in this time period.


Steve Harvey does not host wheel of fortune he hosts family feud and yes he is great. terry crews is not the right fit for who wants to be a millionaire. he is too loud and screams. I personally don’t think he will last. it will be hard to replace meridith in my opinion but I don’t think terry crews is the answer.


My sister wants me to add that she agrees with me and if he was the best they could get we can only wonder how bad the others were. Please replace him before we don’t get to watch it anymore


I think Cedric was a much better choice for this show. Terry isn’t right AT ALL. He dresses like he borrowed cloths from someone smaller then him so he looks like an idiot. His jackets are sloppy ill fitting and look terrible all the time. He doesn’t have the personality needed and makes the show seem cheep. I can only hope he doesn’t get to stay very long. It gets harder to watch with each show. He’s terrible terrible terrible.


Cedric was the best host of any show I’ve ever seen. Terry is fine but nobody will be as good as Cedric.

Barbara Kupelnick

I loved Cedric as a host. I hope Steve Harvey never ever hosts Millionaire. I stopped watching my favorite afternoon show – Wheel of Fortune when he came on board. I think he is somewhat off color with the guests and the show was never like that before. ll give Terry Crew a chance; but, to me he is too loud – Cedric and those before him (Regis & Meredith) were much more professional than Steve Harvey. I really miss Wheel of Fortune and hope he leaves soon. Thank you for reading this comment…

Dan Celli

Cedric was ALWAYS YELLING and milking a bad joke to death and the contestant was trying to figure out the answer at the same time. And this big time delaying the answer to the contestant over and over again is soooo boring! And where is the fun in making the contestant feel bad every time? This a GAME SHOW not a torture chamber !!! Cedric may be a nice guy,but not here.


After Terry's first week as host, I thought he did a great job. He's very personable, and respectful to the guests. I thought Cedric has a terrible host, and really glad he didn't return for another season. He was always interrupting the guests while they were trying to think through the answer, and trying to get a laugh. That's not what the show should have been about.

Steve Meredith

Cedric was a great fit. watch yor wallet!l


Cedric was funny and personable. He hyped the crowd up. When he came on stage everyone wanted to shake his hand. When he did the thousandaire question the place would erupt. What is the matter with those executives? Well whoever fired Cedric is getting fired next season when it gets cancelled.


Terry Crews is a funny comedic actor, but he's not a good fit for this show either. He doesn't have the right persona or gravitas needed to helm this type of show. Bryant Gumbel would be much better suited to this role. A year from now Crews will have left this program.

James M.

Along with Chelsea Peretti, Crews is the best part of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine.' He's an intuitive comic actor with impeccable timing.

Dankwa Brooks

I agree with Sergio TERRY CREWS is EVERYWHERE. I think he and The Rock have a private bet on who can get the most jobs.

I also don't immediately see Crews as a game show host, but I guess you'll see. YOU'LL see because I don't watch the show…

D.C. Kirkwood

Cedric was a horrible choice. Who wears a brim hat to host a tv show? I don't believe that Terry Crews is going to be a good fit either. They are trying to find someone like Steve Harvey for a host. He does a great job on Wheel of Fortune. They are missing the fact the Wheel of Fortune has an upbeat, family friendly tone to it. It fit's Steve's personality to a T and that is why it's a success. The chemistry of the TV hosts they are choosing is wrong.

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