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‘The Artist’ Director Michel Hazanavicius To Direct Zach Galifianakis & Paul Rudd In High-Concept Comedy ‘Will’

'The Artist' Director Michel Hazanavicius To Direct Zach Galifianakis & Paul Rudd In High-Concept Comedy 'Will'

With this upcoming Cannes Competition film “The Search” an epic drama set against the backdrop of the Chechen War, it looks like director Michel Hazanavicius wants to return to lighter fare for his next movie. And oh yeah, he’s going Hollywood with a project he was first eyeing a couple of years ago.

Variety reports that “The Artist” director will helm “Will,” penned by Demetri Martin, produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, with Zach Galifianakis slated to star, and Paul Rudd in talks to join him. That’s quite the heavy duty comedy lineup. Way, way back in 2010, “Little Miss Sunshine” directors Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton were attached to helm with both the aforementioned actors attached, in a movie set in a world devoid of free-will, with every moment of your life is preordained by “angelic scribes.” Things change when Will (Rudd), turns 34 and finds out that his life has opened up and that he’s actually free to do whatever he wants. Gailfianakis plays his guardian angel, who has a rebellious spirit.

The wheels on this on turning fast, with production to get underway either by the end of 2014 or in early 2015. After that, Hazanavicius says he’ll direct his Tom Hanks WWII drama “In The Garden Of Beasts,” which now has Eric Roth doing a draft of the script.

So it looks like Hazanavicius is alternating between comedies and dramas and as long he keeps making interesting choices, we’re excited to see what he does next. 

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This is gonna be great. Demetri Martin is one of the best stand ups around. He's got great jokes, and is a clever writer. Excited to hear about this.


It all sounded good until I got to Demetri Martin's name. That dude is not funny or talented. He must have great representation.

What passes for comedy today is just sad. Like the past season of SNL, things that aren't funny just keep getting a pass.


Pretty sure they'll have to up Rudd's age ….


Dude's know how to cash-in on his overrated flick… can't blame him.

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