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Watch: 2 New Clips From ‘Clouds Of Sils Maria’ Starring Kristen Stewart & Juliette Binoche

Watch: 2 New Clips From 'Clouds Of Sils Maria' Starring Kristen Stewart & Juliette Binoche

The conventional wisdom goes that if your movie plays at the end of the film festival, chances are it’s not very good, or certainly not as worthwhile as the pictures that debut during those hot first few days. Certainly this is largely true for Sundance and TIFF, festivals that Hollywood abandons en masse after the first critical weekend, but the Cannes Film Festival is different, and they basically do whatever they want (true of the French too). So if you’re worried about Olivier Assayas’ “Clouds Of Sils Maria” playing near the end of the festival, fear not (plus we’ve heard the scheduling is to accommodate wrangling the talent, with many of the cast are shooting films elsewhere).

If you’re paying close attention to this one, and you should (here’s the informative director’s statement), the movie is essentially about the relationship with the past and chronicles an actress (Juliette Binoche) who has to face the fact that she’s aging and has lost a classic part to a younger, more alluring actress (Chloe Grace Moretz). Together with her assistant (Kristen Stewart), the elder actress departs to rehearse in Sils Maria; a remote region of the Alps. The movie also stars Brady Corbet and Johnny Flynn (who appeared alongside Anne Hathaway in “Song One“).

It’s a terrific cast and not a typical story, and Assayas has done these kinds of introspective, negotiating with the past films quite successfully before (see the excellent “Summer Hours”). You’ve already seen one clip from the film that has given you some flavor of the movie’s tone and now two more clips have arrived (via KStewart Fans), one featuring Stewart and Binoche and one introducing Moretz’s shallower character. The actors possess a naturalistic, unshowy feel and everyone appears to be very much in their casual element. Suffice to say we’re intrigued. “Clouds Of Sils Maria” premieres later this week during Cannes. Keep your eyes peeled for our review and watch the clips below.

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A long time ago, when I first saw K. Stewart in Speak and Cake Eaters, I predicted that she would grow up to be one of the finest of her generation in terms of acting. I admired her for choosing interesting indie roles, some very complex for someone her age. What happened to that girl? As she grow older she became increasingly worse, her Twilight phase still being her worst. But Twilight is crap, I think even some of the best actors couldn't have saved it. Speaking of Twilight, R. Pattinson has done the exact opposite – he started off fairly weak but gets increasingly better with each movie. It seems that having Cronenberg on his side did wonders for his career. I've read interviews with Cronenberg and he talks quite fondly of him.
Back on topic, I've seen a lot of her movies so I can formulate a theory on what happened exactly – she has only one trick up her sleave – she chooses quite different roles but she can only interpret them in one way. Quite a shame because from her generation of actors she was the most promising back then.


Is this Kristen woman playing herself? Sheesh it sure seems like it, and I don't mean that as a compliment.


Clicked on this link for Juliette…wow not even she can save this movie, judging by this trailer Kristen Stewart is still the worst actress of her generation. Baffled to why she got this part, maybe the director identified her with the character, the way she talks like a rambling child, perhaps.


Seriously, I can't wait for every last RPattz/KStew stan to disappear from this planet. Then we'll finally see the end of them trolling every single comment board and being so damn defensive when someone doesn't suck up to either one of them.


Kristen Stewart???!!! Really? Jeezus.


Kristen is beautiful & talented…..I guess you think you'd be better???!!!
I doubt it

Love it

Kristen is a great actress, I love Chloe, Juliette and Olivier as well. I can't wait.


I could think of a dozen other actresses who would have sufficed. Mia Wasikowska would have been marvellous. I heard she was actually originally cast but, chose a Cronenberg movie instead. This might have been worth seeing but, with Kristen Stewart looking like she just fell out of bed and is reading her lines, I will pass. No thank you.


Wasn't expecting to see the same character as played a vampire, Bella Swan in an Assayas movie. Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress, totally wooden. How on earth did she get this role?


Money clearly talks in HW even with independent cinema. Such BS that you could justify casting an actress who acts worse than any crew member on set. Kristen Stewart single handedly ruins every film she's ever been in. This film looks visually beautiful but, I will have to give it a pass even though I love Chloe Moretz and Juliette Binoche. Other Actors have to be more savvy accepting roles for films she's working in or lo and behold , their reputations will also suffer.


you trolls are laughable, every negative comment towards kristen stewart is a cookie cutter response every kristen hater comes up with. you guys keep spewing the same unfounded sh#t. move on and hate on someone else. everyone knows that you all are robsessed fans trying to discredit this actress. go support your boy robert and leave kristen alone!


I don't like to nitpick, but something about Kristen Stewart's line delivery is too rushed at times. Not just in this clip, but in many of her films. And the tempo doesn't match Binoche's experienced delivery. It really sticks out. Which is unfortunate. I was looking forward to this film as I'm a huge Binoche fan. These are just small clips, though. I'm hoping the film as a whole is better than what is seen here. Chloe Moretz's delivery is great and matches Binoche perfectly. Maybe it's just the way I like to see lines delivered in a film.


No matter what those haters say, there is one thing for sure, they are obsessed with Kristen because nobody twists their arms to search Kristen's news and spit those hateful comments. Don't worry. She has fans like us to support her.


Absolutely perfect cast, and I'm looking forward to this film all the time, as well as other movies Kristen Stewart. She is a the most talented young one in HW today.
Love for her and her new movie.


Watched the clips for Juillete Binoche. That was bad, did Kristen Stewart's horrible acting Rub off on her? Is it contagious! Quarantine her ASAP


Looks interesting.


The "casting couch" comments are plan sexist and slightly misogynistic. No one every claims a man slept his way to the top. He of course got there based on his own talent and hard work. (rme)


It bothers me when good indie directors work with bad actresses because they tend to cast based on relationships they have with them or they just think theyre pretty think professionally not with your crouch

Jack analopise

The great Oliver Assayas has fallen with this one or so it looks, judging by the clips the script is pretty good but it is extremely unfortuante that the acting is below par

Edward Davis

Guys, stop being d*cks. There's nothing wrong with her performance. This looks pretty good.


How boring does this look! And Kristen Stewart still can't act. Binoches attempt at an accent is so off the mark. My god this is going to be bad


Can't wait for this movie. Kristen Stewart looks great and so does Juliette and Chloe.


I'm a total krisbian and I absolutely LOVED her in On the Road but I have to agree, the little clips here don't seem like the greatest acting. I'm going to wait to see the whole movie before any judgement is made and so should everyone!!


Kristen Stewart must have some very strong connections in Hollywood. How she gets roles when she is such a stinker I will never know.


Im looking forward to this movie, Julliete and Chole are great and i think Kristen Stewart is a cool chick, gives no Fs. So despite her bad acting I'm kinda waiting/hoping she improves, maybe take some classes or go into screen writing idk if she can improve she's really bad :/


Clicked on post for Olivier Assasays. Day ruined. The teaser clips are boring and Kristen Stewart still can't act


I will certainly say that a majority of Kristen Stewart's haters are people who do not know how to be themselves. I have a couple of acquaintances who don't like Ms. Stewart and at the same time they do not know how to be themselves. They are always these little drama queens trying to impress everyone. They are Christians when they are with other Christians, then they are Atheists when they are with other Atheists. These people need to spend less time bashing K-Stew and spend more time learning to be themselves. K-Stew knows herself do they know themselves? If you like Kristen then watch her, if not then skip the movie or change the damn channel. And as for that Anthony guy if Ms. Stewart is such a" nuisance" to talk about what are you doing on this board? For example I don't really like Claire Danes, so I just stay away from any news source or outlet that has any story about her. Just saying.

Oh boy..

I loath that the Indie film industry allows Kristen Stewart to be in films, She ruins all the movies she is in. She never bothered me before On The Road, she distroid that great book adaptation didnt she


Kristen is a very good actress. Have you ever noticed that most actors do the same things in the movies they make? Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Jennifer Lawrence, Uma Thurman, etc. So does Rob Pattinson. She is a beautiful lovely young lady and I love her acting. You should not be so critical of her.


When will great indie film directors stop casting Kristen stewart, it seems that in all her films she plays the same character. She must have strong contacts in the business, I fail to see how she gets roles over promising up and coming actresses.


The script for this film is absolutely lovely. Intelligent, reflective dialogue. These three women are going to excel. Cannot wait to see it.


I was highly anticipating this movie when I heard it was in competition at Cannes, The cast did plant a seed of doubt in my mind but my faith in Assayas in time, diminished those thoughts. Having seen these clips I am extremely disappointed, Stewarts playing her character with the same annoying ticks as she has with every one of her other roles. She is an incompetent actress not worthy of the great Binoche.


Good small moment at then end of the 1st clip where Stewart touches Binoche's hand and then quickly strokes her face. Shows a nice intimacy b/t the characters.


Looks good

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