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Watch: 5-Minute Trailer For CW’s ‘The Flash’ Series Races To Fight Crime

Watch: 5-Minute Trailer For CW's 'The Flash' Series Races To Fight Crime

If you thought pop culture was saturated enough with superheroes, you ain’t seen nothing yet. With Marvel developing a handful of projects for Netflix, and DC Comics properties “Gotham” and “Constantine” both greenlit for television series next fall, the small screen is the next medium getting set to be overtaken by people in costumes. It’s not just “Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” out there anymore. Over at The CW, they’ve got “The Flash” coming and they’ve dropped a massive five-minute trailer to feast your eyes on.

Grant Gustin has the lead role of Barry Allen, the ordinary dude whose mother was killed when he was eleven (obvs), who gets struck by lightning, goes into a coma, wakes up nine months later with killer abs and unbelievable speed. Yep, he’s a mutant meta-human, who turns into a savior for many, as other not-so-nice meta-humans start wreaking havoc. Tom Cavanaugh plays the Charles Xavier-esque Harrison Wells, and oh hey, there’s that dude from “Arrow“! Crossover! In short, it looks very CW, but perhaps slightly more passable than that, and it’s clear they spent some money on it. But we’ll see how much mileage they can get out of a guy who is basically super nice and can run really fast.

“The Flash” will air this fall. Watch below. [Slashfilm]

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Sounds like the author has genre fatigue which is probably understandable but FLASH looks to be a breath of fresh mountain air for superheroes on the screen because it's not gritty and complicated. It looks like fun, which many say DC movies/shows lack, but not overly satirical of the medium like much of the Marvel output is. I'm willing to take the ride just because it is simply fun.

Emperor Zerg Rush

Fairly sure people don't buy the comics featuring the Flash just because he's "super nice" and "can run really fast". Arrow caught on, perhaps in spite of many things that worked against it (following Smallville, featuring a character only most invested fans care about, being developed by the team who managed to screw up Green Lantern on the big screen, etc.) and this show has just as much a chance to succeed.



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