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Watch: 70 Famous Films Get Sweded In 10 Minutes

Watch: 70 Famous Films Get Sweded In 10 Minutes

Oh hey, remember sweding? Basically, it refers to (intentionally) low-budget recreations of movies, first brought to major light in Michel Gondry‘s “Be Kind Rewind,” though managing to take on a life of its own and arguably becoming more popular than that movie itself. Anyway, it seems the activity has been brought back to life, with a team of German moviemakers compiling all the sweding you will ever need to see in your life.

Running over ten minutes long, “The Shining,” “Black Swan,” “The Thing,” “The Godfather,” “Inception” and much, much, much, much more all get the lo-fi treatment. It’s basically adults doing what we all did as kids, filming it, and putting it on the Internet, because what else is YouTube for? But as a lunch break activity, you could do far worse, and let’s see how many of the 70 you can name by time the video is done. Accept the challenge and watch below. [No Film School]

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It's a swede with product placement :)


Because 'swede' was a thing for the 5 minutes that Be Kind Rewind was relevant.


It's a damn German Hyundai commercial not a swede.

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