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Watch: First Clip From Cannes Competition Pic ‘Clouds Of Sils Maria’ Starring Kristen Stewart & Juliette Binoche

Watch: First Clip From Cannes Competition Pic 'Clouds Of Sils Maria' Starring Kristen Stewart & Juliette Binoche

The Cannes Film Festival may have kicked off today, but it’s a long wait still for Olivier Assayas‘ “Clouds Of Sils Maria.” Even though it’s slotted in Competition, the film won’t be unspooling until the tail end of the festival, but if you’re the impatient type (and we are) this clip will have to do.

It’s brief, but it shows a lot of promise. The story follows a middle-aged actress (Binoche) who decides to star in a new version of the play that made her famous years ago, but this time taking the older leading lady part. But things take a turn when she meets her co-star, a younger actress (Chloe Grace Moretz) in the role that made her name, providing an uncanny reflection of herself. And in this clip, we see Binoche and her assistant (Stewart) chatting about the rising young actress in question, with the pair having very different opinions.

Meanwhile, a behind-the-scenes interview clip with Stewart has arrived. It has French audio over it, but you can make out what she’s saying about her character. “Valentine is Maria Enders’ personnal assistant. The type of girl that I have definitely seen on many sets and in many environments. Sort of… Not the average assistant, but someone who is probably going somewhere, definitely has ambition and interest.She really, really admire Maria Enders, who is Juliette’s character. She would probably not work for another actress.She could assist a producer or work behind the scenes. In Maria she found someone who’s worth sucking a bit of life out of her.And I’ve seen that kind of relationship a couple times. And here it’s so perfectly put together. They’re having dynamics that I’ve definitely seen before.”

IFC Films will release this one in the U.S. but no date has been set yet. Watch below and stay tuned for the trailer likely coming next week. 

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The f**k factor

Give me a break. Ks fans are Twilight fans and the Twilight storm is a product of collaborative conformity. We don't think she is a bad actress because we've only seen her in twilight. We think she is bad because when we see her in other things its like we are still watching twilight. She is Bella. Period. Bella is a beloved charecter from a book turned into a movie. Ks has mumbled her way into that love by playing the part. And hello? NOT WELL. Anyone who can say that her acting is not unlike a painfuly awkward syphony of needless idiosyncrasies, has been steadily drinking the punch. If twilight had never happened, and nepotism was all the merit Ks had to go on, we wouldn't know who she was.

Jo-Beth Cook

How many scripts have you read for. Carey did you know that you do what the director tells you to do? Now Carey, before you bring up Rupert Sanders, this man could not direct you or anyone else out of a paper bag. The pictures are glued together and there was no affair. Kristen gets parts on her acting, not on her notoriety. Hey carey I got an idea, You go to Cannes Film Festival and see what it is all about !!!!!!! Dunce

Jo-Beth Cook

This movie is brilliant. It is obvious that some people have not seen Kristen Stewart act in other movies besides Twilight, which by the way was very good. I cannot understand that every time you want to read about Kristen Stewart on the net or on face book, you see Robert Pattinson. Now he is suppose to be avoiding photographers. Why is he there. Robert stop using Kristen. Get Juianne Moore ( you know the 53 year old woman that you did in the back of the limo, and not just for the movie) and have some pictures taken with her.


I so agree with DrMom. Why people pick on KS is beyond me. I loved her in twilight .. this was a teen movie and just campy enough to keep people watching it for years .. I know I will and I'm 62 years old. I think she is a really good actress.


So tired of everyone complaining that "Kristen Stewart always plays herself." No, what she does is inhabit the character so completely that she makes you believe she IS the character. That's a true actor. She and Binoche look great together in this clip.

jervaise brooke hamster

I want to bugger Miley Cyrus (as the bird was in 2010 when the bird was 18, not as the bird is now obviously). Thats right, at 22 shes already 4 years past the prime of her life ! ! !.


Kristen Stewart has absolutely no range. Juliette Binoche looks good here but not as good as she can be. It's a mixed bag.


debería darles vergüenza a estas paginas que toman las imágenes y traducciones desde las paginas fans sin acreditar


That's a disappointing clip in my opinion. Seems pretty forced.


Cannot wait for this.


Interesting 'All About Eve' battle of the wits going on here, looks interesting. There's 2 broad types of actors, the demonstrative Al Pacino types, and the quiet, Sean Penn types. By and large, Americans seem to prefer the noisy, mugging style of the former. Personally, I'm less a fan of the organ grinder monkey school of acting; prefer the quiet, it's all behind the eyes style employed by both Stewart and Binoche. It's a style more common in European films I notice. (Still waiting for people to yell at Tilda Swinton and every last male actor in the universe to smile more, btw.) Think Stewart and Juliette are going to go toe to toe in this. Looks fantastic. I'm in.

Bo Laramie

Wow, great to see K-Stew really stretching there with some mind-blowing new quirks, accent work, and mannerisms. Kinda wonder if Assayas casting her was like a Harmony Korine Spring Breakers irony kinda deal.


KStew serving some Bella realness right there

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