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Watch: First Trailer For Euthanasia Dramedy ‘Lullaby’ Starring Garrett Hedlund & Amy Adams

Watch: First Trailer For Euthanasia Dramedy 'Lullaby' Starring Garrett Hedlund & Amy Adams

Yeah, we know, we forgot about this one too. Waaaaay back in 2012 — yep, two years ago — it was announced that Garrett HedlundAmy Adams, Richard Jenkins, Terrence Howard, Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Brown-Findlay were making a movie called “Lullaby.” Cool story bro, and like everyone else, it was wiped from our memory. Well the thing was filmed and usually, if a movie starring this kind of ensemble takes forever to arrive, and once it does, its in the hands of a tiny indie distributor, the results probably aren’t so hot. And now you can judge for yourself, as the first trailer is here.

Written and directed by Andrew Levitas, a producer/actor/artist making his debut behind the camera, the story follows a young man who has to bring the family together and deal with some pretty heavy issues, when his ill father asks to be taken off life support. Heavy stuff. But it’s all given the indie, strummy, dramedy treatment here, with a vibe that feels, if not artificial, then a bit contrived. Even the usually reliable Adams doesn’t come off looking too good here, thought perhaps the ensemble works better than this promo suggest. 

The film will be arriving in theatres on June 13th. Watch below.

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Garrett Hedlund is always fantastic and charismatic and I very much look forward not only to his acting but his singing in this. It's a very good cast, and it looks to me like they balance the sad with some lighthearted moments. I know this will get to me, as my own father passed away from cancer, as I sat at his side in a nursing home. But a good sentimental 'cry' type movie is good for me to let it out sometimes.


Variety sez Garrett Hedlund is a charismatic lead in this. I can't wait to see it.


I love Jenkins but this looks like a bad lifetime movie.


I can't wait too see this!!!! Looks like some Incredible acting in this. it hits home for everyone who has had to deal with anything to do with cancer.


Great cast and Hedlund seems excellent in it but the director? Who is him? Still looking forward to it.


I agree it looks a bit….self-indulgent. Not by the actors but by the writer/director. Hedlund intensity level is so much higher than the other actors' which is distracting. And I cannot with the girl with cancer and the concert and prom thing? Really? Was that necessary? Still, I will watch it because I like most of the cast and it might make for a decent cry. At least the main plot (not the extra kid-with-cancer plot).

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