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Watch: Jealousy & Desire Collide In First Trailer For ‘Clouds Of Sils Maria’ Starring Kristen Stewart & Juliette Binoche

Watch: Jealousy & Desire Collide In First Trailer For 'Clouds Of Sils Maria' Starring Kristen Stewart & Juliette Binoche

The Cannes Film Festival is drawing to a close, but things are just heating up. The Palme d’Or is still very much up for grabs, and one major film yet to screen in Competition is Olivier Assayas‘ “Clouds Of Sils Maria.” And after handfuls of clips and images, the first trailer has arrived and it’s promising stuff.

Led by Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart, the movie follows an aging actress who stars in a new production of the play that made her famous years ago. However, the role that won her acclaim has now gone to a younger actress, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, forcing the older thespian to take a hard look at her life, career and more. It looks like particularly powerfully, and the second movie at Cannes — following David Cronenberg‘s “Maps To The Stars” — to take audiences inside the business with what looks to be an incisive edge.

“Clouds Of Sils Maria” has no U.S. release date yet, but IFC Films will be bringing it to theatres later this year. Watch below.

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Btw, there’s not a lot of music credits, but here’s all the music in the film.

Largo De Xerxes – Georg Friedrich Haendel

Canon And Gigue In D Major For 3 Violins And Basso Continuo – Johann Pachelbel (Orchestra Leopoldinum-Wroclaw Conducted By Karol Teutsch)

Paavin Of Albarti – Hespèrion Xx (Conducted By Jordi Savall)

Kowalski – Primal Scream

Concert In Waldhaus

Sonate N°2 In D Minor, – Georg Friedrich Haendel (Interpreted By Phoebe Lin / Katarzna Nawrotek / David Seghezzo / Claire-Anne Piguet)

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Just decided to come back here and laugh at all the crazy hate, nearly 90 comments filled with bitter posters going on and on and on about how terrible she is. She received MASSIVE praise for this, and just about every review singled out her performance. Some say she stole the show from the amazing Juliette Binoche, and her name appeared in MANY lists as a contender for Best Actress at Cannes. Congratulations to the wonderful Julianne Moore, who Kristen has also incidentally just worked with. So stay pressed, all of you who do nothing but trash her. She is working with great people and has now received escalating praise for two films in the last four months alone. She's not going anywhere.


This is amazing .. I see all of Kristen Stewart fans are here cheering her on . I realize no matter what this woman does in her career some will continue to hate her , for what I have no idea. Also a lot of silly people go out of their way to find anything relating to her to post nasty and vile comments … And God forbid you say you actually like her and want her to succeed than automatically you are labeled as a " twihard" or some other ridiculous moniker ..Lol.. You people need to stop , it's not that serious . For one thing she's making good choices on the directors and films she want to work in , so kudos to her for moving forward despite all the ignorant people trying to bring her down .


Oh man, looks like a snoozy. Am still wondering why Stewart is still getting roles…hmmm


This looks horrible and dull. Juliette Binoche is probably going to be the only redeeming thing with this movie. Kristen, as usual, looks lifeless and lacks any real emotion.


I can't believe this is possible but Kristen Stewart has gotten worse at acting. I appreciate that she is trying to not bite her lip, play with her hair and twitch but this I think is what makes it worse, she can't act I'm sorry


I see Kristen Stewart hasn't improved her acting, she shows no emotion even when she laughs she is so awkward, "eh eh eh eh".


What happened to that camp x movie Kristen did that was at Sundance, no trailer for it?


This film would have been great with a better cast, Binoche's accent doesn't stick, is she playing and American or French woman?. And Stewart hasn't improved, from what I can tell from the trailer


I actually think this is a pretty interesting film. I think it would help, though, to understand the philosophic backdrop of it. Sils Maria is the place were the German thinker Nietzsche enunciated his idea of "eternal recurrence". Simply put, eternal recurrence states that time moves in unfathomably large cycles, and will repeat itself over and over, for as long as there is time.

The crux of this is that you will repeat your life an infinite amount of times, exactly as you live it now. Nietzsche believes that the proper response to this ought to be "good!". He wants to be in a place where you can love your life, all of the pain, pleasure, loss, whatever, to the point that you would affirm it happening ad nauseum, forever.

I think that the film is touching upon themes of aging and time, as well as the cyclical nature of life, at least as far as I can tell from this trailer. It will be interesting to see how the film plays with these themes. Will Binoche's character, facing her age, come to this realization, and affirm her own life and career?

Obviously, Binoche is a fantastic actress and I am sure whatever the nature of the film, she will be great. And, as some of the commenters have noted, Kristen Stewart has so far in her career been…unimpressive. Hopefully, given a dramatic role like this, she can show heretofore unseen depths.


This movie looks horrible, how did it make it to ccannes? The acting reminds me of TV soap opera shows


Why does she have her pants down??? Her pants are there just pulled down. This is some Pervy crap!




I'm just a bit flabbergasted. Most of this comments are a massive overreaction. You watch a trailer and you are sure it will be the worse film of Binoche's and Assayas's career? I must miss something


I'm a fan of Assayas. Regardless of trailers, regardless of buzz, regardless of the haters. I'm there.


I've been following the movies at Cannes this year and this looks like the worst, based on these clips that performances from the actors are cringe worthy. This will defiantly get booed


Trailer for Sils Maria is excellent. Now the only hope for the release on the American continent. I read, that it has a huge cover the for Europe and in Latin America. Film is totally sold out. So perhaps that the North America will not waver.


As an admirer of Ms. Binoche and Mr. Assayas (Summer Hours was outstanding) I was eagerly anticipating this film. However from the clips released to date I am very disappointed. I certainly hope the rest of the film is more interesting than what has been revealed. Unremarkable performances from Ms. Moretz and Ms. Stewart, and I'm not sure about Ms. Binoche's performance yet although she appears to outshine either of her co-stars. If releasing clips prior to the theatrical run is meant to pique curiosity then I hope the film has more to offer than these dull scenes. I've watched a few of Ms. Stewart's films and thought her to be the average one-dimensional actress. Ms. Moretz holds promise, whether she can fulfill remains to be demonstrated. For Ms. Binoche's sake I pray her performance taken in it's entirety reveals more depth and substance. The story, while superficially evoking All About Eve, may prove in the end to hold something more unique than a rehash of an old story. Even the best actors cannot save a bad script. I'm hoping this one delivers far more than these clips have.


This will probably be the worst film of Binoche's career, they did her an injustice by casting Kristen Stewart beside her. On the positive side, Stewart will hopefully never work with good actors and directors again after this gets canned


Looks waaaaaaay better than I thought it would


I love Assayas and Juliette Binoche is great. I always thought Kristen Stewart is good in her indie movies. Really looking forward to watch it. I'm sure it will pass the Bechdel Test :D


This looks like the biggest dog-shit film selected by Cannes, I hope it gets worse reviews than Goslings Lost River! Some consider Cannes Seletion a big achievement, well why do most of the movies their get booed? It's an achievement to come out of there with good reviews.


just watched the trailer and it looks interesting.


Boring, typical plot. Vein actress gets upset when she is replaced by a younger beauty. Also she is lusting for her assistant and it seems that the assistant knows that, probably why she was sleeping with her pants down and the door open… I have no idea where that's going to go, but I don't think it's going anywhere interesting. Fickle lesbian chick flick


Kristen stewart again show her ass in her movie , it's the third time


Sils Maria is a beautiful place that should be used on film more. However this movie looks to be empty, I'm not sure as to what is supposed to be interesting about it. An old actress gets replaced by a younger, no depth. Throwing in an Ass shot won't make me see it


la ère BA à l'air sublime et les scènes et les performances sont magnifiques pour les Haineux, vos commentaires montrent votre niveau de bassesse et votre degré de haine.
au lieu de passer votre temps "je suis sure lamoitié de votre vie" à déverser votre jalousie et votre haine sur Kristen allez plutôt lire ce que les grands spécialiste du monde du cinéma disent sur elle et ses magnifiques performances… Olivier Assasays est en admiraton devant elle dont pauvres haines vos commentaires sont nuls et ne comptes pas enfin de compte.
pour celui dont l'ami a assisté à un dépistage honte à toi de mentir sur quelque chose que tout le monde sait à savoir qu'il n'y a pas eu de dépistage.
kristen était, va être et sera grande dans n'importe quel film et tant-pis pour les haineux.
bravo pour "Nuages ​​de Sils Maria" dans mon pays nous avons tous hâte de le voir.


This looks great!


That trailer does nothing to make me want to see it, horrible acting. But I can see the Mortez is a lest trying


That trailer does nothing to make me want to see it, horrible acting. But I can see the Mortez is a lest trying


Good morning, I just saw the new trailer for Sils Maria and I sincerely excited and wanted to see this film. Finally, the art of film, finally!! WOOOOW!
Kristen, Julie and Chloe, it looks very good.

some people are really crazy

You can pretty see the agenda here. There has not been any screening yet, yet someone below made up a lie about private screening to hate on KStew. How crazy and dumb is this liar.


I commented on yesterday's clips that were Released for this movie and hot attacked for judging it so quickly, well having scene the trailer now I can say that I absolutely stand by me statement that Kristen Stewart will ruin this movie like she does with all of her others

A Girl

Kristen Stewart whrecking another indie film :/ she should stick to be studio movies and leave the professionals to it


This looks terrible, I really enjoy Assasays movies so in not going to dismiss this film but the acting does look terrible in this trailer. I hope to be proven wrong, will be interesting to read reviews from critics


Comments on any article having to do with Kristen Stewart are predictable so I'm not surprised. Anyway, the trailer looks intriguing and all performances look promising. Can't wait until this premieres so we can get professional opinions from critics.


Looks great! I can't wait to see this


A friend of mine saw the movie at a private screening, he said its a good movie but Kristen Stewart can't hold her own against Binoche.


So refreshing to see a movie with all female leads with a good meaty role. So very excited to see more of this!


Too much movies about movie business this year in Cannes.


Binoche looks in her element but Kristen Stewart's acting looks awful and Chloe's isn't so great either


So excited for this one. Looks fantastic.


Nice, I can't wait. Chloe and Kristen are really good and promising actresses and Juliette is just wonderful.


Kristen Stewart is the worst actress ever! Always breathy heavy and rushing her speech.


The scene in the trailer where they're hiking (I think?) in Sils Maria looks beautiful. But not enough to excite me, the performances look terrible. Such a shame


Looks really good! I didn't expect that


She still can't act, sorry.


Looks great. F the haters.

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