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Watch: Julianne Moore Wants To Have Sex With Robert Pattinson In 3 Clips From ‘Maps To The Stars’

Watch: Julianne Moore Wants To Have Sex With Robert Pattinson In 3 Clips From 'Maps To The Stars'

Robert Pattinson must be feeling pretty damn good one week before the Cannes Film Festival. He’s rolling into the south of France with two highly anticipated films to promote—David Michôd‘s “The Rover” and David Cronenberg‘s “Maps To The Stars.” You can bet there will be lots from both movies over the next seven days, but it’s the latter that’s showing off its stuff first.

Three clips from the movie have landed, and once again, it seems Cronenberg has another talk fest coming our way. Penned by Bruce Wagner, the film is a Hollywood satire, and there is nothing subtle about this one. From Julianne Moore asking for sex and talk of the Dalai Lama, to discussions of deals and franchises, it seems nothing will be left uncovered. But just how sharp and incisive it will actually be remains to be seen. Still, these clips are a pretty generous indication of the tone “Maps To The Stars” is bringing to the table.

Watch below. eOne will release the film later this year. [Pattinson Art Work]

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just me

not every actor, writer, model, public person has to be loved by every and each citizen. Robert doesn't have to please, he is doing what he loves to do. healthy criticism is appreciated and welcomed, hatred is not. that simple! i hardly find time to comment on what i love.. just wonder how can anyone spend his/her spare time on something they hate.


I'll wait for the movie before I give an opinion if that is okay. But in the meantime I'll quickly say that the sex scene in 'Cosmopolis' between Rob and a black actress is wow and unexpected. The movie I found cold, a bit, but Robert was good and also he had great connection with Juliette Binoche.

De la baiser? says Julianne Moore above, of course girl.

Re all the malice about beautiful Kristen further down, why? Don't we all make mistakes we regret forever? It was terrible what happened, sure, but frankly it's their business and not ours.
It would be nice to see them happy again, but who knows, it doesn't seem to be in the cards at present. Damn.


Stupid… every stupid movie has to be about dirty sex or violence or some dark crap about demons… actors have to sell their image to be a sexual symbol to make good money and have a name and respect in that fake lonely and plastic world of Hollywood… feel sorry for all this empty ppl. Load of money but lacking of real life… no wonder why these hollywood ppl is always high on drugs, drink, marry like 100 times, or end up killing their self… what a miserable life


Let the man through! He's clearly demonstrated his ability to make good decisions. So much energy is put into hating him … why? What do you gain? Leave him alone — he's doing great — accept it or reject it, but leave the guy alone!


What a great achievement for an actress old enough to be his mother. She really must be hard up. Cronenberg does raunchy smut films. What a great talent that guy is. Come on people , how can you praise this film. Pattinson seems to gravitate towards this sexual raunchy deviate acts on film. He is showing what a great perverted actor he has become. Like he once said….KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS! Wonder what Mummy dearest thinks of her little boy. I have lost all respect or him.

just me

@CF72… i have and odd feeling that i have already read these exact words like forty times. there are some trolls out there who keep posting the same hateful comments for years! this is not criticism, just plain trolling.


Everyone seems to be running on high gear in these clips, Cronenberg knows how to get the best performances from his actors. I love the "inside Hollywood" angle, this looks like delicious fun. This may be another Cronenberg film with Oscar potential and I wish I could be at Cannes to see it.


awesome clips! Rob, Mia, Julianne are fantastic and so is that kid in the last clip! Excited to watch this Cronenberg Film


butt hurt jilted girl friends , you all should make a new boy friend.He doesnt want you anymore.Go find something positive to do,you will enjoy life more!


I'm a little surprised no one noticed how he is moving the steering wheel in that first frame – you don't do that to a steering wheel while you drive…odd.


Pattinson is still stilted and wooden in his line deliveries. The whispery voice and bad American accent don't help. Julianne and Mia seem to be doing all the work but this movie looks like a mess.


I would have never predicted this outcome for him … I'm very interested in the outcome


These look great. Can't wait! The kid in the last clip is impressive as is the rest of the cast.


Someone please get a message to Robert that he should stop letting Hollywood whore him out, Just because lots of "older" women want him. His career is over if he is not more selective. Disgusting.


Rpatz looks pretty good in this.

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