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Watch: New Red-Band Trailer For Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Snowpiercer’; Plus New Pics

Watch: New Red-Band Trailer For Bong Joon-ho’s 'Snowpiercer'; Plus New Pics

After much drama about which cut of “Snowpiercer” was going to get released, the beef between Harvey Weinstein and Bong Joon-Ho was eventually smoothed over. Joon-Ho’s cut will get released, albeit in a limited bow, and the movie opens the L.A. Film Festival next month. So how about some new pics until you can see this thing this summer?

A handful of new stills have arrived courtesy of Radius, giving yet another look inside the train where the movie takes place. The story follows the passengers on the the titular Snowpiercer, a train that houses the only human survivors after a catastrophic event has rendered Earth frozen and uninhabitable. But humans being humans, a class system still exists on the train, revolt brews, and things get ugly.

So, is this a masterpiece just waiting to be seen? While our critic who saw the film last fall loved it, another Playlist writer agreed with Harvey Weinstein — the movie could’ve stood to lose 20 minutes. Controversy!

“Snowpiercer” opens on June 27th. New images below and a new red-band trailer too.

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Mr. Agreeable

I agree with the others here who have seen the film, it is not very good at all. certainly not worth getting hyped about as it will only be more of a disappointment. Tilda Swinton and the production design being the only real "highlights." the premise starts off as interesting but quickly devolves into silliness and repetition – I mean this is laughably bad at times.


The art direction and visuals in this movie are fantastic, but the story is a big mess and every single character is a walking cliche. I've seen it, and it's not worth the time.

Wait for the dvd if you have any interest in it at all. Don't believe the fanboy hype, the movie has gaping plot holes and you just don't care about anyone, they're too shallow.


entertaining flick, definitely no masterpiece. i feel the story was too condensed and could have used some stretching out and been two films, ala Kill Bill, with the addition of some clever flashbacks and other sequences. whittling down the film even more than it has been seems as ass backward a move as any the Weinsteins have been recently making, imo.


i feel like i watched a different movie. any parts that made sense where cliched drivel from superior movies. the rest was complete nonsense. did anyone else realize that although they go through the train from front to back you never once see another car that other people actually live in?

Film Runner

As someone who has seen this film already (Korean import) I liked it quite a bit, although I felt the ending was a misstep. I can't see how it would make any sense if you cut anything out of it though.

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