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Watch Season Premiere Of Starz Drama Series ‘Power’ (50 Cent-Produced, Starring Omari Hardwick, Naturi Naughton)

Watch Season Premiere Of Starz Drama Series 'Power' (50 Cent-Produced, Starring Omari Hardwick, Naturi Naughton)

Starz’s highly anticipated new original series Power will debut a week from today, on Saturday, June 7th at 9pm ET/PT. Ahead of that premiere, the network has released the season’s premiere episode online, as part of a multi-platform, nationwide sampling of the first episode.

From the press release:

Power is the first-ever television show to premiere on Twitter using the service’s new in-line video feature that enables one-touch playback. The new video experience is based on Twitter Cards, which extends user interactions beyond favoriting, retweeting and replying and makes it possible for people to do things like watch videos, download apps, or view articles and photos — all from within a Tweet. Select multi-channel video distributors will offer linear, on-demand and online sampling opportunities of the first episode beginning today, May 31, one week in advance of the TV series premiere next Saturday. Approximately 79 million multichannel video households will have access to the sampling opportunities through select cable, satellite and telco affiliates in the United States.

The first episode of Power will also be available at, and online through select Starz cable, satellite, telco, and online distributors’ websites, including the Starz Power Twitter page at, Starz Power MySpace page, the Starz YouTube page at, Starz Power Facebook page at, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Sony Entertainment Network and CinemaNow.

The series premiere of Power will also be available for sampling through the free Starz Play app for all users in the United States.

Executive produced by Curtis 50 CentJacksonPower is a crime drama set in two different worlds – the glamorous New York club scene and the brutal drug trade.

James “Ghost” St. Patrick has it all: a beautiful wife, a gorgeous Manhattan penthouse, and the hottest, up-and-coming new nightclub in New York. His club, Truth, caters to the elite: the famous and infamous boldface names that run the city that never sleeps. As its success grows, so do Ghost’s plans to build an empire. However, Truth hides an ugly reality. It’s a front for Ghost’s criminal underworld; a lucrative drug network, serving only the wealthy and powerful. As Ghost is seduced by the prospect of a legitimate life, everything precious to him becomes unknowingly threatened. Once you’re in, can you ever get out?

The cast is led by Omari Hardwick who is joined by Lela Loren, Naturi Naughton and Joseph Sikora. Hardwick stars as ‘James “Ghost” St. Patrick’; Loren plays ‘Angela Valdes’, an old flame of James’s who unexpectedly reenters his life; Naughton will play ‘Tasha St. Patrick’, wife, confidant and willing accomplice to James and Sikora plays ‘Tommy Egan’, childhood best friend and business partner to “Ghost.”

Power will also feature Andy Bean as ‘Greg’, Sinqua Walls as ‘Shawn’, Adam Huss as ‘Kantos’, Greg Serano as ‘Medina’, Lucy Walters as ‘Holly’, Victor Garber as ‘Simon Stern,’ Sonya Walger as ‘Madeline Stern,’ Kathrine Narducci as ‘Lavaro’, Luis Antonio Ramos as ‘Ruiz’, La La Anthony as ‘LaKeisha’, Diane Neal as ‘Cynthia’, J.R. Ramirez as ‘Julio’, Debbi Morgan as ‘Estelle’, Shane Johnson as ‘Saxe’, Enrique Murciano as ‘Lobos’, Vinicius Machado as ‘Nomar’, Dominic Colon as ‘Anibal’, J.P. Serret as ‘Sabueso’ and Audrey Esparza as ‘Liliana’.

The series is created by Courtney Kemp Agboh, who will serve as executive producer and showrunner. Mark Canton, Randall Emmett and David Knoller also serve as executive producers. The series is being produced in association with CBS Television Studios.

Power premieres on Saturday, June 7th at 9pmET/PT on Starz with an eight hour-long episode first season.

But you don’t have to wait a week. You can watch the season premiere right now, embedded below:

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I’m a hustler


I’m a fan of 50Cent


This a great show

Steven poe

Hello how are things going on with you

gemma jackson

I love the show
Keep it coming

Vera lewis

Aaron Lewis


This shit like that


I do not like Tasha as St. Patrick’s wife she has a ghetto attitude. She needs more acting lessons. She doesn’t even look like his taste. They look like to individuals from different worlds. She tries, but not believable for me. I’m ok with the other actors. I think they could’ve gave Lala a better role looking like a want to be it’s not her style.

ginger ryr

I love the show and actors, especially Omari ; omg 50cents is playing an unassuming sinister character. Cant wait until Episode 2. I am sure it will be intriguing. Better than the Sopranos.


I love this season!! me and my fiance were glued to the tv screen. I wish the ghost dude stop messing with the feb bitch and back home to his wife but hey thats just my opinion. lol. Please come out with a second season dont listen to the haters ^^^^ lmao. the show is bomb :-):-)


when is power coming back on the air


When is the next season? Love the show!! I’m hooked


what song is this on ep 3 around 41 mins???

But I just might tip, throw some hundreds in her face tell her, this is for the stage baby, by the way, I'm really digging you frame

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whats going with the show…did they airing at esp 8???? or what that the ending???


What is the name of the 50 cent song at the end of episode 8 where the chourus is like "I got that animal" then a little robot sample…I must have that song


I love the TV series,power .I can't just take my eyes off it.Am just wondering if I can get to know the title of the soundtrack which is sung by 50cent,I just wanna know the title of the song and I will be happy to get it soon to my mail.


When the new power come on i sean 8 i wont to know is 9out yet

Calvin Silk Harris

What is the name of the song at the end of the Season Finale of Power by 50 Cent. That song is the Monster !!!!!! :-)

Phourious Angel

The name of the song is "V.I.P" by the artist Play. It will be released on iTunes 19-Aug-2014


i love Power & Omari….. omg …💜💛


Hey ! I can't find the song from last episode when tommy getting in the car with ghost and through the conversation with Ruiz…Shazam is wrong…


Hi guys ! Could anyone tell me please the name of the last song from episode 8 ? The one singing when Ghost is saying "I'm gonna be the [..]". 10x so much


Moore Songs of the series:
50 cent Animal Ambition
50 cent Winners Circle feat Gourdan Banks
50 cent Irregular Hearthbeat feat Jadakiss
SchoolBoyQ – Men of the Year

Janice. Wilson

I love the story behinds the characters , childhood friend, the story why!!! Ghost is call ghost!!!


Man… what is Ghost to do now…. will Ghost try to go back to Tosha..has Tosha already shook with the money… is Ghost gone still date Angela. Is Ghost gone believe Tommy. DAMN when does it come back on. This has me and my sweetie cuddled up wanting more. We love it…50 cent u did that!


Get it down low On Youtube West Wes – Get it Down Low

karmel sundae

I lovvvve this show. I watch it over & over. Its takes you in. Im in love with Ghost! I never get groupie like…but I am crazy for this show. I will be so sad when season ends. I can't wait to find out what will happen to Ghost & Tasha. I do believe there could have been a better actress for Tasha's part. Ghost character needed a real dime but hood chic. Lisa Raye could have played it. BUT LOVE TO HEAR WHAT THE REVIEWS ARE. DOES ANYONE KNIW?


What's the songs name on episode one when the wife was masterbating in the car while the driver was watching what's the name of it please!!!!???

50 Cent

You find the song West Wes – Get it down low

All you have to do it right click, then click "save audio as"


Furious Aggelous

whats the name of the song played in the club. not the b.o.b song. The one before that starts like " hold up, lets turn up" I have tried and tried to find it. To no avail??


Please tasha in the car while shawn watched and drove 'finally see that am good'


Please what's the song in episode 1 where Naturi Naughton 'played with herself' while shawn was driving her back home from the club?!


Chapter 5.
50 Cent – Twisted (Explicit) ft. Mr. Probz


Cahpter 4. GOAPELE -PLAY.


Whats the name of the song playing during the very end credits of episode 5?


Did anyone figure out who sings the song Get it Down Low, if that is the correct song title?


Episode 4 – who sings that song with "can't keep up" by the british singer??? I love the music in this show – the show is great – but music is fantastic!


Fif — who is the artist for song "Get it Down Low" please we fiendin out here ish hot!!! Shazam is incorrect…need a Power Playlist for real.


Get it Down Low – Wes West isn't the right answer! :( i need to find that song !!! Can we contact to Official Twitter account of Power ?


Shazam says the song is "Get it Down Low" by West Wes but I can't play it on there or find it anywhere else. Anyone with more info?


P.s. I forgot to say it was for episode 5…


Does anyone know the name If the song that was playing when Lobos went into the champagne room with the girl at his party? And the song they played immediately after that?


Nothing aired July 5th?


Plzzz anyone knows the reggae song that was played. In season 5 when ghosts partner walked into the jamaican bar and asked the jamaican lady for soup???? I need help


No Regrets by Pusha T…. Ghost and Angie sex scene


what was the pusha t song at the end called?

Miles Ellison

There seems to be as much interest in this show's music as there is in the plot. That's rather telling.


Sat the 3rd.


Did they give a new episode of power this past sat?


Dis anybody know the name of that song at the end of episode 3? The guy was singing "i can't be found, I can't be found" in an British accent almost.


What's the name of the song playing in the background when Kantos interrupts James and Tasha while they're talking in his office at the club (Season 1; Episode 3)? Some of the lyrics are "but I just might tip her throw some hundreds in her face, tell her this is for the stage, baby, by the way, I'm really feeling your frame." The scene is immediately before James leaves the club to visit Tommy at a warehouse where he just tortured the attempted hijacker. Thanks!


Download shazaam to find your music


Love this show! Would like to know if anyone has an idea on who is trying to cause trouble for Ghost and tommy's business. I think it is his brother played by 50 Cent, who is in prison. I think he is also Shawn's father. What are your thoughts on this!


Does anyone know the name of the song when Ghost and Tasha are in the Hotel and and the FBI girl and her boyfriend were in their bed at the same time/ It goes "Let me see the cash…


Song for 4th chapter: Tourist – I Can't Keep Up (feat. Will Heard). ;)


When does episode 5 air in uk?


Whats the name of the song that was played during the credit of episode 4 of power?


Does anyone know the song where they just beat the dude who was selling bad drugs and the girl kisses the blood on the white dudes hand and he starts fingering her and at the same time the other black dude who owns the strip club is fking the foreign chick


whats the name of the song played in the club. not the b.o.b song. The one before that starts like " hold up, lets turn up"


does anyone know who sings the song when Tasha is in the shower????


I Know. By Chris Batson. Tink


Yo what is the name of dat track on episode1 at the beginning you can hear 50 cent rappin to a real smooth club melody? Anybody know?


What is the name if the song when it goes off & the credits show on the episode 3


This is a must seen Siri got to watch so hot love the Cass how something to watch


I over love this show


I actually love it!! Omari rocks with his fine ass Naturi alright just seems like she trying too hard but it's not that bad!!!cant wait to see episode 4 I'm hooked


what's the name of song played in the club? female rap… lyrics: i got that super swag… who you think I'm rollin with..






whats the name of the song on episode 2 when everyone was having sex at the same time almost


I enjoyed the show
Its really not that bad


What's the name of the dong played tonight when both couples were doing there thing at the same time


What's the name of the song that was playing when they were headed to the club at the beginning

Shayna S.

What is the name of the songs thats playing when he is walking back into the club after shooting that guy? The lyrics say something like" I know you waaaant to"….

Dave's Deluxe

It's for kids, but not for kids.

Marci CPR

Just finished watching "Power!" on my kindle." CURTIS US CANCERS THINK ALIKE!" Your show should be a hit! I must say it is interesting, BUT CHILDREN SHOULD NOT SEE. The children of today would definitely get the wrong idea and try to make money this way to come up and that is not the way. Otherwise, this may just be another spin-off from the "WIRE!" Just not so intense(at least that is what I see from the first Season Premier), but I could be wrong! Will see Saturday at 9pm on Starz! Send another after Saturday on what I think! Smile


I'm definitely feeling this show. It's sexy, exciting and gangsta. 50 you really did the damn thang. Big ups to Starz for putting this one out there.


I'm definitely feeling this show. It's sexy, exciting and gangsta. 50 you really did the damn thang. Big ups to Starz for putting this one out there.


What was the name of the very first song played in the show not the theme song. The song that was playing when they were on there way to the club.

Mookie Goldstein

I too wanna know the name of that slow song playing in the limo when that female does her thing. I know the lyrics are "Im Good…so good" Help a brother out


Dope. Good job 50.


Watched it today. I will give it a chance. I really liked the music. Does anyone know the name and artist of the song that was playing in the car when Naturi "did her show?". I loved it! I cant seem to find it anywhere. If you know, please tell me:). Thanks!


Man ya'll are a sad lot. lol.

It was a good show. A VERY good show. Best of the ones Starz has produced so far. Looks like something that HBO would have produced. Has The Wire type potential if it holds up on the writing front.

Naturi needs a lot of acting help. But she's forgiven. For now. As far as seen it before…well yeah…but it doesn't mean I don't want to see it again. There are a lot of layers to Ghost. I like that. His partner is a little too predictable, bordering on caricature, but not enough to NOT make me like him.

There's a lot going on, but it's layered and nuanced so I'm digging it.

As far as inconsistencies. No there aren't any. Ghost is a middle manager. This means you're not ever likely to see him handle any drugs or anything like that. But from time to time he will have to roll his sleeves up to handle an employee who gets out of line.

He shouldn't be carrying a gun. I think he knows that. But the hit has him shook – and perhaps off his game a bit. It'll def be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Who was going to handle their problem? 200k was lost. That much money the boss gets involved. I like the show. A lot. If the writing holds up it should be a good one.


"Tell me I'm beautiful", "You know you are", Really??? Naturi is definitely the wrong choice for this role.

Adam Scott Thompson

I don't know if it's got legs but it's already exceeded my expectations (sorry, Fiddy). We'll just have to wait and see where all this is going.

Anybody else get a "New York Undercover 2K14" vibe from this pilot?


Actors are solid but the writing… Very predictable. Frankly, it was rather boring. A lot of holes and inconsistencies in the story as well. One minute Ghost is acting like a high roller big boss, the next minute a low level junior manager with a two person crew. Also, since when did anybody in history ever think club owners had "clean" hands? If this show is to survive, the writing has got to improve 1000%.


Just finished. Something seems off about it.

Oh if you want to see Naturi's breasts, you get a good show. She has nice ones.

But yeah, I dunno what to think of the show.

The narrative itself is not my cup of tea. Drugs. Guns. Clubs. Crime. Blah.

But I guess Omari's character will get redemption.

Oh and for y'all who love black love… sorry.


SICK! The look of the show is excellent. Fans of Omari and Naturi…so they got me!

Hmm I dunno...

First lines of dialogue:

"Tell me I'm beatiful."
"You know are."

I'm only watching for Omari but I dunno about this.

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