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Watch The First Trailer For Denzel Washington As ‘The Equalizer’

Watch The First Trailer For Denzel Washington As 'The Equalizer'

Finally, here’s
your first look at the trailer for a film that, no doubt, many of you out there are anxious to
see – The Equalizer, starring Denzel Washington and Chloë Grace Moretz, which marks the first
re-teaming of Washington and director Antoine
since Training Day.

Based on popular
the 1980’s CBS series, the trailer pretty much tells you the premise and storyline
(yeah it’s one of those kind of trailers), and, as
I reported here in February, the film got such high test numbers from
preview audiences, that Sony has already greenlit a screenplay for a sequel, even
before the first film comes out on Sept.

One possible
bummer is that, just judging from the trailer, the film might not use Stewart
memorable score from the TV series, but there always time to fix

Take a look:

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Another Great Show Ruined

WTFF. The NigGgaalizer. WTFF.

another movie im not seeing



I'm pretty sure Paula Patton is black and he saved her in De ja vu. When he is paired with a black actress her role is to be strong black women which I rather see than a damsel in distress


He acted "opposite" or was a companion to black women in… Mighty Quinn, Mo Betta Blues, Ricochet, Malcolm X, Philadelphia, Virtuosity, Preacher's Wife, Remember the Titans, John Q, Antoine Fisher, Out of Time, Inside Man, Deja Vu, 2 Guns…

But he didn't necessarily save them.

In Pelham 123, he had two black daughters that provided the motivation for his character. But they weren't in any danger from John Travolta's character.

Reader 1

So, Kirby is upset that D hasn't saved a sista, but her favorite show on the air is probably Scandal.

Mark and Darla

Last time I saw a black woman as a 'Damsel in Distress' when Bumpy hire Shaft to find his daughter.


Big Mike, my point was the two are very similar stories. Regardless of whether one was a TV series and another a movie, the stories are almost the same. Keep showing your ignorance.

Kirby Ashley

Not that I'm not going to see the film, but riddle me this: Why is Denzel always saving white women? I was trying to think of a movie where Denzel rescued a sista and the best I could come up with was Devil in a Blue Dress, and she was passing. I can think of 3 or 4 movies where he rescues a white female and not one of him rescuing a black female.

Die Hard

I love Denzel Washington. I am so glad he is doing this movie. Can't wait for it to come out.


Denzel is one of those people who's just naturally a bad ass. Like, he doesn't even have to try. You can put dorky glasses on him and dress him up like a nerd and he'd still be bad ass. This looks like a bit of a rip off of Man on Fire and Taxi Driver but… I'm still watching it. It looks ridiculously entertaining.

Rick Miranda

Absolutely use the TV theme. This was one of the best TV shows on, ever! Edward Woodward was excellent. I am glad that they have cast one of the few actors that can do this character justice. Perhaps they may even bring the show back someday.


So glad they are doing this movie. I use to watch the equalizer as a child. Most people I have spoken to never watched the series.

Jeff Long

Yes, the TV theme should be in the movie.


I mean, this is basically Taken


I would have preferred an older actor like Morgan Freeman as that was the charm of the original.


A must see. Looks really good

Black Sun Tzu

It looks good and Denzel kills it. I'm "anxious" to see it :).


Even when Denzel is working at half-speed, he's still watchable, but this looks (and sounds) like the kind of generic action flicks Willis, Stallone and Schwarznegger used to do in their sleep.

Ronald T. Jones

Oh yeah! Denzel gets to kick major !^%^@! We need black heroics on the big screen! Bring it! Bring it! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Dave's Deluxe

Sergio, "anxious" means to have angst, which means, among other things, to be nervous. I doubt there are many S&A readers who are nervous about seeing this movie. I think what you mean is "eager".

Mark and Darla

Same bat channel, same bat time, same bat villains.


Generic and predictable. Didn't Denzel make this movie before and the title was Man On Fire?

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