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Watch: What’s Better than ‘Game of Thrones’? When Seth Rogen & Snoop Dogg Recap ‘Game of Thrones’

Watch: What's Better than 'Game of Thrones'? When Seth Rogen & Snoop Dogg Recap 'Game of Thrones'

There’s really not much more to say about the video below than what’s laid out in the headline above, though it is important to note both Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg are high as hell while providing in depth, detailed analysis of “Game of Thrones,” including the show’s racial insensitivity (why are there no black kings?) and politically correct references (I don’t think “the little midget” is quite right). 

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Is it important? They don’t seem to act much different than they appear in films or other interviews. Nah. We probably didn’t need to mention it. Just enjoy.

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Ha! Better than G of T itself!
(Bet that brings down some wrath!)


Da F*** did I just watch?


You could at least make a clear label "SPOILER ALERT!" Dammit. I've made it nearly through season 3 without ANY idea what would happen. I guess I should have known better. Now I'll have to get extra stoned while watching so I don't keep thinking about what I wish I didn't know…

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