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Watch: Would We Be This Comfortable with Nudity & Objectification if Women’s Roles Were Played by Men

Watch: Would We Be This Comfortable with Nudity & Objectification if Women's Roles Were Played by Men

BuzzFeed has released a video which reenacts famous scenes from movies like “Basic Instinct”, “Pretty Woman”, “Titanic” but with a twist – the gender roles are reversed. The effect is quite startling, if not quite what the makers seem to suggest – rather than being “uncomfortable” to watch, many of the scenes are simply humorous, farcical even. It’s a similar effect to the many Blurred Lines parody videos that emerged last year.

Humor is a great way to draw attention to the double standard at play, but the really damning truth is in the claim made at the end of the video (and perhaps not entirely borne out by the preceding content) – viewers are not comfortable with the idea of the sincere and fully felt female gaze.

Rather than a man in comical Sharon Stone drag, we would have liked to see a genuinely reversed scenario, in which female desire (with man as its object) was taken entirely seriously, and see how that made viewers react. But no disrespect to the video, which is certainly well-made and thought-provoking.

Watch the video here:

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Well, the thing is: for me, it's not uncomfortable at all. Except for Basic Instinct – but then, so was the original scene… As for the rest, I find them less sexual and more… endearing (the music helps), but that's pretty much it…


Well this is clearly why there are such things as gender roles. Because this is nasty.


Want male nudity? Go watch Oz.


Jerry – have you seen the movie 300? Not much garbage there.


The female body is a work of art, the male one…total garbage.

Or, like Elaine from Seinfeld says, a woman is like a Ferrari, a sports car, a mans body is like a SUV, its utilitarian.


If this was suppose to make me — a guy –feel uncomfortable this was lame.

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