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Watch: ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Post-Credit Scene From ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Plus New Character Art

Watch: 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Post-Credit Scene From 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Plus New Character Art

We’re less than three weeks away from mutants running amok in multiplexes nationwide. As you might (or might not) have been aware, during the credits to this weekend’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” there was a brief tease for “X-Men: Days Of Future Past.” It was a rare moment of rival studios helping each other out, but if you had the same feelings we did about Marc Webb‘s sequel, you might’ve bailed as soon the credit reel started. We don’t blame you. So if you did miss it, or want to see it again, Fox has dropped the clip online.

In the scene, Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) once again uses her stealth ability, this time to fight some army dudes and rescue some mutants who were on their way to be experimented on. Standard stuff, though you get to see a handful of mutant powers on display. Meanwhile, a whopping twenty-three new new pieces of character art (via Comic Book Movie) have dropped online, mostly focusing on the various characters in Bryan Singer‘s film. Again, standard stuff, but was I asleep when Charles Xavier got a floating chair? Or maybe that’s a new thing? The future is indeed wondrous.

“X-Men: Days Of Future Past” arrives on May 23rd. Watch below.

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The point of this movie was to fix the mistake they made in the third movie. I have always followed the comics and in the third movie they threw out the whole comic book story out the window and destroyed key characters… In this movie it was not about having the XMEN save the day but more or less to fix the comic book that they messed up when they went into part 3. I think they did a great job resetting it and now they can make way for the fourth xmen to follow which is Xmen:Apocolypse

gabriel 12345

i just finished watching the movie, as much as i love the movie itself, I as a fan of storm, soooo disappointed, I am not blaiming halley berry here (she did her job as an actress), i'm pissed with whoever is responsible for downgrading her role to a character EVEN LESS THAN A SUPPORTING CHARACTER, she only had one impressive feat and thats it…… heck her pregnancy wasn't even obvious.


And Homer Simpson? Your such an uneducated goon, why are you even on here?


Who dies in xmen days of future past?????? Seriously gonna cry if anyone dies. Theyre all my favourites… Plus, all great actors. Who would want to stand around yelling? You dont get real life CGI

Emperor Zerg Rush

Why would I need a life, Homer? I get all my kicks out of annoying pricks like yourself by posting about things on the mysterious interwebs.

Sorry Dominique but I refuse to believe Berry isn't at least partially to blame here. I don't really care for Storm as a character and I care for her even less when Berry is playing her. Her importance is reduced to background bad jokes in X2 and X3 and if she's playing sidecar to Magneto (I can only assume this is Fassbender's Magneto and not McKellan's) in this film then I expect nothing to change for the character (and wish they'd just retire her from the films altogether at this point).

Emperor Zerg Rush

Halle Berry's Storm has done jack squat (arguably) since the first film when she fought Ray Park's Toad. Since then there's been "Halle Berry is back as Storm" talk and little "She does so much on screen in ___ that you'll be stunned" talk. Angela Bassett would've been a better choice at this point (and wouldn't have been almost consistently pregnant each time the damned things were filming either!). If ever there was a role that needed recast for these films, Storm would definitely be it.

That poster for Kitty Pryde is just… off. It looks as if it's missing a bulge in the pants.

At least Quicksilver looks less like a grey haired woman in that poster.

Putting Trask on a poster like that when Dinklage takes up maybe less than 20% of the space was a bad idea though. They should have definitely excluded him or made a specialized poster to accommodate the actor. Instead we get two Wolverine posters where the main selling point of difference is grey streaks at the temples. Heads should roll in FOX's marketing department over these.

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