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Weinsteins Know What They’re Doing: This Eva Green ‘Sin City’ Poster Is Too Racy for the MPAA

Weinsteins Know What They're Doing: This Eva Green 'Sin City' Poster Is Too Racy for the MPAA

Well, this is clearly a calculated move from the Weinstein
Co. They’ve been playing the MPAA rating card with their upcoming “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” from the beginning. Their latest move is to plant a story — here, a sizzling poster of star Eva Green revealing too much of her breasts for the comfort of the MPAA — with Page Six, and send it out as a press release. 

Ever since the 80s, with “Scandal” and “The Cook, The Thief, The Wife, The Lover,” it’s been in the Weinstein DNA to exploit this stuff.

“Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” lands August 22.

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Raymond leggs

She could wear a boilersuit and still be incredibly hot, this isn't too racy LOL you should see those posters they used to release back in the 60's and 7o's for exploitation films. A lot of those were wild!

Todd Stein

I know the Taliban has invaded Utah, but Hollywood????


Oh My, cleavage on a poster. Yet, there's no problem to show guns, knives, bombs, blood …. The US is crazy


I love how everyone's missing the point here and just arguing about whether this should be considered racy or not.


What gun? Is there a gun in this poster?


Great poster of a beautiful woman. If you think this poster is too racy, check out the 2003 movie "The Dreamers" with Eva Green. Make sure to watch the NC-17 version (run time 115 minutes vs 112 minutes for the R- rated version).


I'd pay to stare at the poster for 2hrs


Is this glamorization of a firearm part of Harvey's plan to take down the NRA?

His hypocrisy truly knows no bounds.


Is this glamorization of a firearm part of Harvey's plan to take down the NRA?

His hypocrisy truly knows no bounds.

Joseph Emerson

can't take this picture seriously since everything has become photo-shopped. that probably isn't her body, we all know this.


Americans… They have no problem teaching their kids how to shoot a gun, but you show them one nipple and they freak out like the world is ending…


Now THAT's a dame to kill for!


You can't really see anything so I don't know what people are up in arms about. So what she's wearing a sheer robe, it's not like she's fully naked.


Where can I buy the poster??

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