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Why Women Rarely Get To Narrate Movie Trailers…

Why Women Rarely Get To Narrate Movie Trailers...

This is according to the BBC anyway, who took on the challenge of trying to make sense of an industry rule. The answer, in short? It’s still very much a man’s world. 

It’s a topic that I’ve actually never really given much thought to to be frank (and you likely haven’t either). Then again, I’m a dude, so maybe that’s partly why. 

But it’s worth discussing: How much would hearing a woman’s voice in the trailer for the next Michael Bay movie, for example, affect the audience’s reactions to that trailer?

Watch the BBC report below:

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Black Sun Tzu

Well, Uma Thurman's Kill Bill worked, right? Even though the chic from Oliver Stone's Savages (Correct me if I'm wrong) deeply sucked. I guess is a matter of voice charisma, really. But being realistic, if it's an action flick, not quite sure a female voice would work as well as a male, even though I would place a bet on Angelina Jolie. But then, she's no ordinary chic!


Interesting subject to think about. However, is this REALLY any different than so many areas of society, or the entertainment business for that matter? How come men are still, generally hosts of game shows as opposed to women? (Meredith Viera and that British broad are the only women, probably in history, to ever host a gameshow). … I've noticed in recent years the Oscars have used a female announcer (not sure about the other major awards programs, such as the Tony's, Emmy's or Golden Globes). … Men still only do color commentary for sports; while women are relegated to being cheasy sideline reporters asking stupid questions that provide no insight whatsoever to the game. Most radio hosts, particularly national, are male. Outside of Dr. Laura, who is no longer on terrestrial radio, most readers would be pressed to name another well known nationally syndicated woman with a national presence on radio. … I could go on. …But there are too many similar examples to count in which women aren't being presented the same opportunities as men to perform in particular arenas.

And I don't think it would be all that jarring to hear a women's voice attached to a trailer. After all plenty of men have gotten used to watching women report on ESPN and that seems to be working out just fine.

Heavy Brain Lifting

"the big bad word is gravitas" – google 'babes in boyland diamond serious' – this article reminds me of In A World… a film with Lake Bell about the voiceover industry and women.

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