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2nd Trailer For ‘Equalizer’ is Longer, w/ Even More Footage of Denzel Washington in ‘Man on Fire’ Mode

2nd Trailer For 'Equalizer' is Longer, w/ Even More Footage of Denzel Washington in 'Man on Fire' Mode

Sony Pictures has released an even longer trailer (about 40 seconds longer, which is a lot for a trailer) for its upcoming adaptation of the TV series, “The Equalizer,” starring Denzel Washington, which will be released on September 26, 2014.

Chloe Moretz, Marton Csokas and Melissa Leo, co-star with Washington in the film, which, by the way, is directed by Washington’s “Training Day” helmer, Antoine Fuqua, from a script written by Richard Wenk. 

The reportedly $50 million project is said to be designed to launch the first film franchise for Mr Washington – hence, if this first film does well, expect sequels. One has already been rumored to have been greenlit, even though the first film hasn’t been released yet. It was said to have scored particularly well with test audience.

The TV series the film is based on was set in New York, and centered on a former secret agent (played by the late Edward Woodward) with a “mysterious past” who tries to atone for past sins by offering, free of charge, his services as an investigator, aided by a diverse group of other sometimes-mysterious contacts (some of whom date back to his spying days).

In the film adaptation, Washington plays Robert McCall, a retired intelligence operator who faked his own death to live under the radar. But after finding a young woman (played by Chloe Moretz) in trouble with the Russian mob, he returns to action to use his extreme tactics for good.

This’ll probably be more like Denzel Washington in “Man On Fire” mode, which should be fun!

Watch the 40-second longer second trailer below:

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Denzel will do a good job as usual, and as tribute I will be front and center at the ticket booth.
Yet, I would prefer if they had made this a "Man on Fire 2" sequel, that somehow he had survived/been saved from certain death and now he was just being that hired gun again.

There was a thing about "Man on Fire" Creasy character that you could as an audience member feel cautious about him, fearful about his potential violence and yet admire him. Denzel is one of those few actors that you know is so obviously talented and not stretching himself to his full magnetic potential in his roles, and that's why he should consider playing Alex Cross.

Amari Sali

I'm going to look at this as Denzel trying to keep his name out there. After all, who knows what roles he gets offered, much less if maybe he is trying to save up for a passion project. And yeah, this is basically the same Denzel since Training Day, but it's not like he is Kevin Hart and basically drowns us with his shtick. He comes out every now and then, drops a quality movie, then goes off the radar, maybe heads to Broadway, or just relaxes.

At this point though, I would love to see him face off Sam Jackson, Morgan Freeman or Will Smith in a new movie. A lot of these legends/ legends in the making seem to rarely interact with up and comers and I find it unfortunate.

D.C. Kirkwood

I'll pass.


I have just seen this story before and yawn!!! Maybe see it on cable, but not spending dollars on this remake of a remake of a remake!


Looks good. Yeah certainly not the most challenging role for Denzel but he's going to bring real gravitas and weight to the role like no other. That's why he's Denzel Fu*king Washington. Where is the respect for the 60 years old legend ?

Miles Ellison

This looks like Man on Fire. Except better.


Great to see Denzel challenging himself with a role that requires him to be stoic and gun toting. Haven't seen that side of him in the last 10 years.


Looks pretty good, Denzel's awesome as always.

Mark & Darla

So annoyingly generic.
Denzel with the same 'I will kick your ass' 'I am the man' 'I dare you' 'I can take anything you dish out' mean mugging tight jaw expression. Seen it a dozen time before.


So I guess they're not going to use the theme music from the old TV show. Bummer

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