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Actually, Black Women Run Hollywood – Alfre Woodard Exposes the Truth

Actually, Black Women Run Hollywood - Alfre Woodard Exposes the Truth

Consider this a kind of addendum, or complement, to my “Are TV Networks Finally Starting To Realize The Ratings & Profit Potential In Producing Content For Black Women?” piece published in a month ago, which I encourage you to read if you missed it.

I could say more, but I’ll shut up and just guide you to the video below.

A good Monday morning to you all!

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Skyler W.

This shit is great!!!!!!!!!!!! I really loved this.


Here to say that Nicole Byer (the comedienne speaking to Retta) almost stole the show! She is ridiculously talented, and has a great webseries with Sasheer Zamata called Pursuit of Sexiness.

Silly video but good point!!!

Dominique Marsell

Funny than most sh*t….


I don't get it.



Solid E

Parody at its finest. Don't get me wrong something is better than nothing especially when it comes to filmmaking that has black people as the main plot but this piece was probably written in less than 72 hours. Clichés, stereotypes and good old fashion black jive abound here. If this type of content wasn't ninety percent of what you see coming from the genre I would not be commenting. If we blacks want something more from the film business then I suggest we begin by writing stories that are original and thought provoking as our forays into music and literature were at the beginning of the twentieth century. Oh and by the way this piece was written, produced and directed by Caucasians.

Shari Clarke


Mark & Darla


Amari Sali

All this made me think is Retta and the girl from Girl Code need their own show or movie.

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